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  1. You have to be certain that you have the sound of the preset turned up, as well as the amplifier volume. Which preset are you using? Is it something you created?
  2. There's no 'line out' jack, y'all must be referring to the headphone jack? And that cuts out the signal to the speakers... In other words, you can't blend the signal between the mic and line out. Unless, by line out, you're talking about the USB out, and have some kind of device that converts that to a suitable input for a PA. Is there such a device?
  3. I'll have to check that out. My delay time between switching was horrid, it would be great if it was improved.
  4. Everything I've tried has not worked.
  5. But, no sound signal should be going through the USB cable, so it seems you are introducing noise somehow through that cable. Do you have other power cords near the USB cable?
  6. First off, what is an IEC connector? I've got a place to plug in a network cable, and a headphone jack, on the back of my amp. I thought the power cord was hard connected, but maybe not, haven't moved it in a while. Anyways... Potting compound, to guard against vibration? Is if soft, or hardened? I mean, can you wipe it off with your hands, or is it solidified so you can't. How about a link to a picture. If it's soft, sounds like heatsink compound for thermal dispersion, but that would seem funny. Maybe it's a moisture barrier....
  7. Overheating of electronics can cause a restart, or a loose power connection. You have plenty of airflow space around your amp, and are all your power cord connections tight?
  8. Well, I'm surprised, as what tried didn't do anything. I loaded Bank1/Preset1 into the app, set the volume to 0, and loaded it back to the amp. Turned it off, back on, volume still where it was. I'll try it again tonight, using the volume knob instead. I KNOW something works, because my amp comes on at a much lower volume than when I first got it, so I changed something, somehow. I'll find it, and let y'all know.
  9. I'll check tonight when I get home, and let y'all know tomorrow. Sorry, should have checked already....
  10. When my 150 starts, it loads Bank 1/Patch 1. I set the volume of this preset, then saved it. I'm pretty certain it comes back on at the volume level I gave it. (But I'm not home right now to check).
  11. this is something everyone wants, but we're probably not ever going to get....
  12. Just to be sure, you have updated the Amplifi software to enable the USB port as an output, right?
  13. I'd start with turning the amp down, plugging into the headphone jack, and turning it up until you get good sound volume. You probably won't have to turn the amp up too loud, just be careful. I doubt that anything coming out of the headphone jack will have sufficient power to nuke your mixer, but be careful. I've done this many times, with several amps. Never had a problem, but be cautious.
  14. Where at? I don't seem to be able to locate it. I don't see a help section, manual, anything such as that.
  15. Really? I'll have to check that out when I get home to my music room tablet. Thanks for the info.
  16. That's my recommendation also. Unpair. Reconnect. If that doesn't work, I unpair. Power off the amp. Turn on the amp. Reconnect. That seems to always work.
  17. I've used the USB port to connect to my laptop, using Audacity, and haven't had a bit of noise. And that's with clean sounds and distorted sounds. I'm using the latest windows drivers.
  18. That's a good question. Doesn't the amp start at the same volume level you leave it at? I think mine does. I'll have to test it this weekend, and get back to you.
  19. that's probably what they are talking about. I would like some docs where all the settings of all the devices are described... Oh well...
  20. and what amplifier model are you using. Some of them have a huge amount of gain. I can get such great feedback and sustain out of my 150. I love it.
  21. I agree, and that is why I would prefer a PC editor. I could tweak much easier without the clunky interface of a tablet or phone, save my edits to my hd, and be done. Then spend more time playing.
  22. I would love to have a PC editor that connected to the Amplifi with a USB cable. That would make me happier than a pig in a pen....
  23. Sounds strange, I'd take my guitar to the store, and try another (or several) 150s, and see if it happens with those. As a swag, sounds like the circuitry that digitizes the incoming guitar signal has something flaky going on.
  24. the only way I could see that happening is if you have an echo on with the 'wet' delay sound set louder than the dry guitar signal. Are you running one of the default effect settings?
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