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Line 6 Pod X3 Bean - Signal Fault?

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Hi Guys and Girls,


Having a problem with my POD X3 bean.


Have owned for a couple of years but only really just got stuck into using it properly.


When using at the moment the signal is awful. I play mainly (pretty much only) death metal and when I hit palm muted power chords or heavier riffs the tone seems to go clean.


I notice when i try to change or modify the effect the tone only seems to be properly effected in the left ear (when wearing headphones) and the signal in the read headphone seems to be almost clean/dry/a very flat sounding tone.


This has only come about since I tried to really re-evaluate my tone and not use a preset.


The presets also do not sound 100% right. Not sure what I've done or if my POD has developed a fault. I just can't get a proper metal tone even if i follow someone's stated settings online.


I can provide audio samples, but does anyone have any clue as to what I am doing wrong?





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Hi rootmusic,


Thanks for your response, I did read about dual tone and it think this could be a possible cause to my problem.


How do I unselect dual tone?


It's really destroying my soul not being able to figure it out.

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I recommend that you get a copy of the latest "Pilot's Guide" for the X3/X3 live.  It explains how to use the dual tone and lots of other stuff.  I have to refer to it often when using my X3Live because I don't use it that often and I forget which knob does what.

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