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  1. Hello people! Long story short ive gotta get through about 2 or 3 function band practices without my amp. I have a POD X3 bean for recording. Although I don't have the shortboard pedal to switch about sounds I can easily reach over as its just practice - but how do I rig up my POD X3 bean to the rehearsal studio's PA system? Thanks guys. Lenny
  2. Hi guys, sold some of my amps so have a bit of cash now, do i need to buy the FBV mk2 - will that work with the X3 bean?
  3. How would this work? Whats the signal chain?
  4. Hey guys, Love this forum, so helpful compared to some out there. I am looking to sell my ENGL (dont need 150w) and use my POD X3 a bit more - i have some great patches downloaded from Reece Fullwood (Mask of Judas) and Drewsif Stalin - I recommend you check out these guys if you havent heard of them - i nearly quit when i heard Reece! Anyway - i have a 2x12 laney ironheart cab and an X3 bean - I was wondering..... I see the X3 bean has a FBV input on it - does this mean I could purchase the FBV pedal and a power amp and i would be able to run my POD sounds live with the ability to switch around with the FBV? I am desperate to get rid of my ENGL and 4X12 (moved outta my folks house into a top story apartment and my band practices miles away where we have to carry the gear down a long path.... I cant stands no more!!!!! Help me friends!!!! Lenny
  5. Silverhead, thanks for your response! Just a quick question - these are ones that I can run 'out the back of my X3' in the R/L outputs with a 1/4" jack to jack cable?
  6. lennyechovirus


    Hi guys, Such an amazing community on here. Love the support and ethos of the forum - so much better than some others where you feel like you're treading on eggshells to not get flamed. Anyhoo, I am looking to upgrade my £30 logitech awful speakers to some studio monitors. Dont have a big budget sadly but need to know what sort of monitors i can use to run from the x3. Basically i use my x3 bean as my soundcard, dont use pod farm just dial in my settings into the pod and hit record in cubase. Help my little noob brain! Cheers guys and girls, Ross
  7. Hello! Haver if anyone can help: I have a TonePort UX2 and it's not receiving a signal from the mic or instrument. Instead, the output signal is perfect. The unit plays music from my pc but if I connect the bass or guitar or mic, they not detected. A little help please! Juncà - Just to help you out a little Juncà . Hopefully there is an English speaker able to help you here. My only suggestion is to try different cables and check your settings.
  8. Hi rootmusic, Thanks for your response, I did read about dual tone and it think this could be a possible cause to my problem. How do I unselect dual tone? It's really destroying my soul not being able to figure it out.
  9. Hi Guys and Girls, Having a problem with my POD X3 bean. Have owned for a couple of years but only really just got stuck into using it properly. When using at the moment the signal is awful. I play mainly (pretty much only) death metal and when I hit palm muted power chords or heavier riffs the tone seems to go clean. I notice when i try to change or modify the effect the tone only seems to be properly effected in the left ear (when wearing headphones) and the signal in the read headphone seems to be almost clean/dry/a very flat sounding tone. This has only come about since I tried to really re-evaluate my tone and not use a preset. The presets also do not sound 100% right. Not sure what I've done or if my POD has developed a fault. I just can't get a proper metal tone even if i follow someone's stated settings online. I can provide audio samples, but does anyone have any clue as to what I am doing wrong? Thanks, Ross
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