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Sonic Port Mutes Guitar After Pluging Line In

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Me too.  What is the point of having a stereo line in if it's mutes when the guitar plugs in?  I was assuming you could practice and play along to a track.  Is there something I'm missing?  Be great to hear form either a Line 6 rep or someone who knows.  Thanks!

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You can only use one input source at a time.

This is from page 3 of the manual:
Sonic Port supports one input source at a time. Use either the IN L/R stereo line input or the Guitar In (mono).
If both are connected at once, the stereo line input will override the guitar input.

If you are using Garage Band you can just import a song, or capture another source and then jam along with it.

Link to manual

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Thanks for the info.  Seems to me they missed a valuable function here.  I really think I'll be returning this Sonic Port... I already have a Pod.  I was really hoping gthis would be the great little practice station but this makes it too complicated.

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