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G10 Sender Holder


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I know, I know - the G10 is not meant to be mounted on a pedalboard.

However, people still do it.


And those who do probably noticed that the sender protrudes quite a bit compared to simple pedals.

So - in theory, if you did that - you'd probably want to remove the sender from the receiver when transporting your pedalboard.

But you also don't want to just have the sender fly around in your road case or pedalboard gig bag.


To address the issue, I created a 3D printed holder for the sender, that allows you to attach the sender sideways.

See the pics - the bottom plate can be attached with double sided tape or dual lock.


You can download it for free on thingiverse.com.







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I had a few direct messages because some of you are interested in this, but don't have a 3D printer.

I don't do this as a profession, but can print one for you. It takes about 3 hours to print one on the finest quality setting of my machine.

I charge 5 bucks an hour to cover the plastic and the use of the machine - plus shipping from Switzerland to wherever you are.

Send me a message if you want one.

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Howdy Folks, 


I just received my two Transmitter holders from Mathias... I'm in Canada and they came in a week!!!


They fit like a glove and the plastic is very nice and strong... The Transmitter will not slip out of the holder.


A small piece of 3M double-sided tape and I can ensure that my transmitters stay put on my pedalboard...


Here it on my Helix... holds two transmitters back-to-back!!






I use the Relay G10 Transmitters with a Relay G50 receiver mounted on my Pedal-board.





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