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M20D Sound Loss During Performances

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For the second show now, the sound on our M20d has disappeared, mid performance.  One second, we are singing along, next second, zero sound from the mixer.  The only fix is to restart the mixer in the middle of the song.  


Last night, we only had two mains, (Fender Expo Speakers) and one monitor connected to the analog outputs of the M20D. 


Has anyone found a cause, or even better, a solution for this problem?  


BTW, we do have v1.20 firmware.

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Here's a new one.  Not even sure how this is possible.


Firstly, at last weekends show, I got a black screen and error message (didn't write it down, but something related to "App") upon initial power up of our M20D.  Talk about crapping z pantz.......

Fortunately, after turning the mixer off, and restarting, It powered up successfully.


The next problem appeared during the show.  I had two different microphones, each plugged into a different channels of the M20D, appearing on the same fader.  I don't remember the exact channels, but it was like the mic plugged into channel 12 was appearing at channel 6 along with the mic plugged into channel 6.  Channel 6 was used for a sax player, and channel 12 was used for a trombone player.  I set the level for the sax player, and it was fine, then the trombone started playing, and the volume was much louder, but also appearing at fader 6.  Channel 12 showed no signal.  Never seen that before.


I'm thinking that maybe a reinstall of the v1.20 firmware is in order.  Is this possible? Would my saved setups still be available after the firmware upgrade?


One note, the setup used was a very old setup, which I had not used in quite a while.  Could it have gotten corrupted, along the way?

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I suppose a corruption of a Setup could occur. Let's hope that's it.


There should be no problem reinstalling the firmware. Just make sure that beforehand you back up the existing stuff. Use the built in Backup feature (see the System menus under the top right hand info button on the screen display).


You can get the firmware file from the Downloads section of this website. Load it onto an M20d compatible USB stick or SD card and then use the firmware installation feature followed by the inverse Restore feature from the same M20d System menu.


See manual pages 9.6 and 9.7.

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