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Finding good Variax tones


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Hi folks,


I have just got into the X3 live world (OK, behind the time curve - forgive me!) and got myself a Variax guitar as well.


I'm really keen to find my way to tones other people have made on by the type of tone it is, rather than by reference to a particular guitarist or song.  Is there a forum where people discuss / recommend tones?

If not - can anyone at least get me started with any suggestions for:-


- A good general purpose tone for accoustic simulations on the Variax.  Just a nice accoustic amp / EQ, maybe a good reverb.  Not adverse to a drop of chorus, but like a fairly natural sound if possible.


- A good general purpose crunch tone for 60s rock type sounds.


Thanks for reading....  Very happy with my new purchases.  Major upgrade from my old Korg AX1500 and a Squier strat.  They've served me well, but nice to have a new and better quality overall sound as I'm getting into home recording and the AX1500 was a bit 'not-great' in the amp modelling stakes. 

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If you are new to the X3 take some time and learn it first. There are a lot of options that can sound great and some that will just suck. Start with single amp patches and pay attention to the EQ as the low lows and high highs need to be trimmed IMO. Just shoot for simple amp/cab chains and when something is nice try experimenting with the mics and positions. I like studio direct as the output mode but some like the others so try those out and see what you prefer. When you are comfortable with the single amp chains then start to combine a few tones into the 1 & 2. Really nice combinations can be had. Twins plexis for example can sound really nice and crunchy.


After you get some feel for it start with the Variax standard settings. The Les Paul ones are all really good. Then see how they fit in with your patches. This is all for rock tones. The acoustic settings I have dabbled with but haven't had a need to dive into yet. There are so many variables when combined that it is tough to give shortcuts.


The Korg AX1500 and AX3000g are nice and still sound good considering the age.

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