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POD HD500X Dual Effects Loops


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Hey all,

Is there any way to set up the HD500x to have 2 effects loops? For example, could I use the Headphone out and aux input as a send and return for another effects loop? I think that the way that this would probably work practically is to have one "signal path" which goes guitar input -> internal stuff -> Headphone out. Then have a second signal path which goes "aux input -> stuff -> live outs?"


I have a good bit of outboard gear that I currently use with an older POD, and really need to be able to put them in 2 separate loops (one for preamps and gain stages, one for post-amp time based stuff) which I currently can't do. Is it doable with the HD500x? or do I need to go to Helix for that? 

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You can certainly do it....I created a loop and have 4CMd the HD Desktop to an fine...use one loop like just need a jumper cable to jump from the left out to the aux in....The right out would become your have to get your input confg and chains exactly right to serialize the Left and Right output...It's doable, not the most practical setup since the master is not a concentric pot. The mixer helps but still a very tweaky deal...I have a thread on this some place, but I can't find it...

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