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Stagesource Product Request / Idea: L2s Subwoofer


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Hello L6 Community. I am a StageSource L2t and POD HD500X user. This is an incredible rig. It sounds unbelievable and enables me to reduce my gear (no more hauling both a Fender Deluxe Reverb and PA speakers to a gig). 


So I have a request of Line6 and thought I would put it out to the community. I would love an L2s - a smaller version of the L3s subwoofer. It would  be great to have a less than 50lb (and ideally less than 30lb) subwoofer to compliment the L2t and L2m. 


The L3s is overkill for smaller venues and for rehearsals. We are now using Roland TD-30 V-Drums, so we can get overall lower stage and rehearsal volumes because we don't have to get over acoustic drums (the TD-30 sounds amazing).


So a lightweight, less powerful subwoofer would be a great addition to the StageSource product line. 


In addition, a L1t and L1s would be great as well - an even smaller, feather weight rig that could be built up with multiple L1t's and L1s's would work very nicely as each component could be very, very lightweight. 


Maybe its just me, but as I get older carrying heavy gear has become a real drag. And carrying an L3s - even with wheels - is just not going to happen for me. 


I tried to add a poll on how useful an L2s subwoofer would be to Line6 users (not sure if it worked). Maybe this will help Line6 determine if it would be worthwhile to make the L2s.


Keep up the great work Line6!

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I think I asked for this on the old forum, so I concur with the concept. Thing is, now I've already purchased 2 L3s.  I could use the extra space in my car, but damn, I love these subs.

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i use an L3t and im pretty sure you will find that is effectively exactly what you are after- an L2t with a small sub woofer. i use it to put vocals , guitar, bass, kick  and snare thru and it handles it no problem and i'm quietly confident that even though i haven't tried it personally that it would handle electronic drums easily. i have used it using a looper with its on-board drums and other percusssion layered over the top and it handled it easily and sounded brilliant as well. i have seen a web site that i think inadvertantly had a pinpoint presentation from a trade show up-loaded onto its website and in 2014 we're getting an Lt1 apparently. it appears to be an l2t but with an 8" speaker but all in/outputs and processing seem the same and it's 650 watts. keeping my fingers crossed that we see it sooner rather than later

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