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Midi settings not being saved to FBV Express MKII

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When I plug in the usb to the computer, it always shows all buttons as unassigned in the foot control application.  I've tried on both mac and windows to set everything to custom Midi CC controls and save the default file.  But when I unplug the usb cable and reseat it to confirm the device has captured the settings, it reverts back to unassigned.


Is the device broken?  Am I missing a step?



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Sorry, but it most certainly does..


I have an FBV express II.. It can be setup on a PC, moved elsewhere, eg in my case, connected to a kenton midi host and connected via midi din to an Eleven rack.. and it works


The FBV does not have any 'memory' settings, the settings you save in your computer have to be saved to whatever software (MIDI) you are using.

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