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This amp is wonderful


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I just picked this Amplifi 75 up at my local Long McQuade here in Canada. I took it home, plugged it in and was noodling' within minutes (after creating my line 6 account).

I gotta say, I understand the 'hate' this thing gets from the real gigging guitar player, but there is a major demographic of people that this thing appeals to and I would consider myself at the top of this heap. Consider this:


Been playing guitar since I was 15 (I am now 35). I have gone through the years of learning, playing in bands, dropping guitar for a while, coming back to it, playing in more bands - breaking up with those bands, getting married, having kids, etc. etc. Guitar has come and gone in my life a few times now and I am sort of getting this new wave of playing. I am settled and have a great family life; with that comes responsibility and jobs, blah blah blah - you know the drill.


I have the Amplifi 75 in my office next to my computer desk with two guitars right in front. I can now easily pick one up, load up a tone replica and just GO! I am not after the holy grail of tone - for the 20-30 mins a day I might get playing, I want a solid and easy approximation of a fender clean, or a Dave Gilmour lead tone, etc. This amp gives me that really in an instant - I can even take those presets, do a quick modification and it sounds better for my room, guitars, etc. 


I would say this thing inspires me to play more than any recent gear that I have bought. I could go downstairs to where my drums/setup are and plug in all my pedalboards, amps, etc. and blow my family through the ceiling with my Marshall DSL but no one wants that. Every once in a while I do that, and its fun, but the amplifi gets me playing more often; practising more often and basically just having more fun day to day.


*I do have a fender mustang IV and while the amp is nice, the lack of support of the software from Fender and the general poor UI of the preset management makes the Amplifi software on my iPad/iPhone look really really great in comparison*


Thanks so much Line 6!



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Hey dear Guitar friend. You express perfectly my feelings about Amplifi75. Nothing to add, thank you for your thoughtful Post!

On 10/5/2018 at 8:49 AM, SaltyRum said:

I’ve not had a single issue with my AMPLIFi 75. 


people who have had issues are rightfully going to vent their frustrations while those with no problems are going to stay quiet. 


The amplifi is is perfect for me. I don’t play in bands and just jam out at home with headphones. Being able to play along to songs through my phone is wonderful. 


If you can wait it might be worth seeing what pops up at namm 


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