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Floorboard Wah / Volume Pedal Broken

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there was a thread about this topic here: http://line6.com/supportarchivenew/thread/13813

but it is read only now, so I start this new thread to tell you about what I just found out in case anybody has a similar problem.


In my case the Volume pedal did not work. It was simply the connector at the amp-side, one of the spring contacts was a bit twisted an did not make contact.

I fixed it and now it works again :-)

If you open the pedal you can check the two outer pins (left and right) of the connector of the wah/volume-board. At these two pins you should measure about 5 Volts if connected to the Amp.



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I have recently bought a Flextone II with a floorboard on e-bay. I like the amp greatly, but found that the Wah Wah was faulty.


It needed a good clean anyway as there was a great deal of dust between the pedals and the top of the board. I had read somewhere that the pedals worked on optical inputs and wondered if the dust was clogging light path between the switches.


So, being an engineer, it had to come to pieces!


I found that actually the light switches looked fine, although I gave the graduated film strips a good clean with mild detergent and blew a few bits of fluff off them. The fault was in fact that over time the pedal bodies had distorted, through being stood on repeatedly I assume, and the small tang on the Wah pedal was not touching the on/off switch on the pcb which is mounted below it.


Once I straightened the body of the pedal out the tang / switch interface works fine and the newly cleaned opto strips are working a treat.


There is nothing much to the insides of the floorboard, so hopefully any reasonably competent person (who can use a screwdriver) can resolve this issue in the comfort of their own armchair as I did. I do however accept no responsibility for your individual level of incompetence, so if you mess it up don't call me.     

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Ok so I have an old Fflextone i amp with the what I assume is the old style pedal board. I too have the problem where the wah pedal switch turns on but the wah will only sit on one position. I checked the suggestions i.e. trying different cat5 cable, making sure strip was fine, etc. everything checked out. I then pulled the little circuit board off and attempted to use the adjustment screw. This also did not work. Light is still on but still no wah. I noticed a slightly melted transistor and I got a matching and installed it. Still no wah just light on, wah engaged but no change when the pedal moves. I then messed with the light sensors and noticed that the light sensors for the volume side work fine but it seems that one or both of the light sensors for the wah side are malfunctioning. I'm not positive however. Has anyone who had this problem with the wah specifically ever fix it? I really want to get this worked out. I can put the parts in myself but I don't know where to get them. any help would be great! 

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I have the old school floorboard for my Flextone HD. When stepping on bank up & bank down at the same time, it won't go to presets, and all my User banks show as Edit. Any ideas??

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Hi there!!

I had a great troublesome time having a floor board bought from Ebay since it came with a failed or non-working wah pedal.

I checked everywhere for a solution but nothing fitted. The pedal activated the wah function excellently, but the sound didn't go up and down as a wah was expected but just remained stuck at the high modulation, as if the pedal were being stepped on and nothing else.


Later on, I had the pedals circuit board taken out and had their components measured with an electronic tester by a friend of mine. And what was found??

Since the only faulty thing on the floor board was the wah pedal function, not the volume one that was ok BTW, it was evident that one of those little components on the wah side was very dead !and so it was!:

Which one?

THIS TINY THING: 2N4401  transistor


Remove the broken one, solder it and... Long Live your WAH again!!!

Hope it work for you guys as it id for me!!! May God bless you all!!


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