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Has Amplifi support ended?


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Will the Amplifi's get firmware updates any time soon? The firmware hasn't been updated in almost 2 years and the Android app in almost 1 year. Will we get official Nougat support?


It seems after updating to Nougat, while using Amplifi as a Bluetooth speaker for Spotify or whatever else, the audio cuts out constantly. Sometimes I can't connect to Bluetooth until I reset my Amplifi 75. Also, when streaming music quietly, if the music is too quiet, the amp just mutes the audio. Is there a way to make it not mute audio while it's playing quietly?


Using a Samsung Tab S2 with the latest Nougat update.

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I have two devices now and they both act up/ disconnect while using the free app. iTunes via the BT works fine, music thru the app has real problems. I TOO would like to know when or what is being done.



Long time line 6 user

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re bluetooth: at least for Android I think it is the App that is doing stupid things/not dealing with Android app lifecycle properly when it comes to bluetooth (and this unfortunately is exaggerated by the broken back-button behaviour that more often than not just kicks you out of the app instead of going back where you came from within the app). I can only use it on a tablet, on my phone it either brings the bluetooth stack into a non-working state (can then not enable bluetooth at all anymore, have to reboot the phone to connect to other devices), and even when I get it to connect to the amplifi, I can not access the amplifi itself (hardware banks or tuner), however I can edit the currently active tone.

Since I had the "app confuses the bt stack" problem in one of the apps I work on, I'm pretty sure it is a bug/fixable on the android side.


Re music cutting out: If you mean sometimes it looses timing (i.e. stops for a fraction of a second, but then continues playing back): I also get this occasionally, but more often than not there's a notification popping up as well, again hinting about not properly dealing with android system messages/events.


don't have the "mute at playback low volume" issue with the TT, so I guess not really applicable. So same problem when using headphones? And can you workaround by streaming with lower volume to begin with and reduce guitar volume instead of bringing down master volume on the Amplifi? (better suited for a separate forum thread though)


So I don't really need firmaware update (if it would bring the possibility to record DI along with the modeled tone, then this would be great, apart from that it works OK here), but the android app definitely could need an update to fix not only the bluetooth issues, but also just as important the usability problems.

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I upgraded my Amplifi to the latest iOS app (via USB cable as recommended) and I couldn't get it to sync. It would crash while sync was happening and exit the app. Removing it and reinstalling seems to have fixed the problem. Disappointingly, the Windows 10(?) Amplifi updater doesn't scale it text properly, I've literally got to use a magnifying glass to see what's on the screen.


The lack of support makes me think the Amplifi range is soon to be dead. It wouldn't surprise me if Yamaha released a new practise amp which is a combination of the Amplify and the EXCELLENT! thr-10.

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