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Has Anyone Changed The Stock Pick Ups?

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I've been playing my JTV-89F for a month now and it's a great guitar (you can read my post reviewing the whole guitar) and I've come to the conclusion that at least for me there are 2 things that could make the guitar almost perfect, one is to make this guitar using a neck through design and the second one is to put a pair of excellent hot pick-up’s there.


The stock pick-up’s are not very good, in fact I think they’re bad, they sound just like many low budget Asian guitars that I’ve had in the past, they’re muddy, the sound is not defined and every model sound is better than the stock pick-up’s.


Some might say that you don’t buy this guitar to use the mag pick-up’s but since WB 2.0 has the ability to blend the sound of modeled guitars and the magnetic pick-ups it would be great to have the pick-up’s of your choice there, besides is you run out of battery and you only have the option to use the mag pick-up’s, then why not change them.


So, I’d appreciate any comment from someone who has tried to change them successfully or that know how to do it since the cabling of the Variax is not a standard cabling. I’ve change the pick-up’s in other Ibanez and Epiphone guitars but this is something different.


Also if you think my ears are bad and that the tone of the JTV89 pick-up’s is good, your comment is welcome. 

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it's much the same as changing pickups on any other guitar... by design... have at it... feel free to send me the old ones... i like 'em! :D


might try raising and lowering them first though... :)

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