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  1. Been down tuned 1/2 step for a year now .. no problems. Needed and ever-so-slight intonation adjustment, that's it.
  2. I switched to the Elixers and liked them a lot. Those Fenders sound interesting ..especially of that is what they used to develop the models.
  3. Did the same thing on V2 .. replaced with a MESA 12ax7 ... more low end, sounds "heavier". Tried a RUBY brand 12ax7 in V2 and it sounded frigging horrible. Had previously tried the MESA in V1 and that sounded horrible. So ... it seems like .. if you want to play .. play with V2 (12AX7 on the left). SOVTEKs are know for being transparent ..... I assume MESAs are "built for modern, heavy gain."
  4. Get new tubes. all the way around. They're not expensive.
  5. Certainly slapping a variax into a Pacifica would be a disaster .. but it sorta makes no sense .. Variax is a high end deal and these guitars may provide a high end line for Yamaha ... whose electric guitar presence is sorta non-existent right now .. Been playing my JTV-89 more and more .. it may be the finest one I own ... certainly it was the most expensive as far as MAP price ... but I got a deal on the end of the line 89s w/o trem. a steal at $650!!!
  6. I hear nothing good about Mavericks with respect to my DAW and plugins, not going near that.
  7. How'd it turn out ? My MK1 still going strong ... if Ifigure .. it is dies I can probably seel the Strymon preamp and Celestion Vintage 30 speaker for good money or use the chasis to build my own freaking amp.
  8. Seems like the JTV is still making great headway as far as sales. I just kids wish they would leave the workbench and all that stuff along so we can just build out tones and get the community going. The AMPLIFI will only further enhance the JTV experience and stimulate more sales. My JTV has always worked perfectly, just sayin'.
  9. Was that originally composed in some other language other than English and then sent to google translate?
  10. Spider Valve no longer listed in product line. Still liking my MK1 though.
  11. What make you think that the XLR out skips the pre-amp tube? You might be right .. just wondering.
  12. and if you have the Strymon ... tubes-> modeling->pre-amp tubes->power amp tubes. I've been tending on having the Strymon pre-amp maxxed to minimize the on board gain :)
  13. HA HA .. I'll take close up pics of mine next time I crack open the amp. Not releasing the schematics is stupid of Strymon as this thingy does not interefere with their pedals .. and how many people have MK1s? Although it is funny I just saw two in the Guitar Center I was at. I felt around the back of them for the tell tale double toggle switches .. nothing doing.
  14. I'm coming out with an original soon .. more metal .. but with the JTV on acoustic mode in the background ... I actually chose the twelvestring as that chorusy effect sounded just right. It was a cinch .. just plugging in and recording direct. The acoustic sims might not be good enough for a folk album .. but amongst screaming humbucker guitars thru hi-gain amps ... it's just fine and I am a raw newb at recording/mixing/mastering!
  15. You never know, sometimes they come in with a chainsaw, cut service, stifle creativity with a really stiff corporate culture, on the flip side .. smaller companies like Line 6 tend to be amazingly innovative but they f- things up a lot.
  16. Video of a cover song (I Despise by Chimaira) using JTV-89 in Baritone drop A (customized model of neutral body and wide range humbucker in bridge) thru IK MUltimedia Amplitube ENGL model (overdrive in preamp, compression and EQ post amp). JTV is in the Left channel, drum and bass backing track are in the right, actual mp3 from Chimaira is panned center. I use some dampening in the headstock and medium strings ... This is intended to sound like a "mix" .. this is what the JTV can sound like in a band setting. Actually the JTV blew away my 7 string whose lowest string got all flubby when I attempted drop A tuning and had all sorts of intonation issues. Nothing like being able to downtune to the depths of Hades and come back up for air! JTV hands down winner in this case ... 2 minutes after this video I could switch to acoustic and sitar to finish up another tune.
  17. Yeah, I've been varying between setting 2 and 3 on the pre-amp. And then for recording, just been focusing on mic'ing with a SM57 which I like better than my Sennheiser e608. And then there's always blending in the xlr out signal to which I add a cab sim on that channel with a reveb impulse loaded for a bit of space. This celestion speaker is so well worn in .... I must keep this amp! I just read that the original Strymon pre-amp came with electro-harmonix 12AX7s and my is a MESA-BOOGIE .. so I may mess around with that from time to time and invest in different brands of 12AX7s for the preamp ... Also, there are pedal kits you can build that use a 12Ax7 also .... so that would add even more more tube warmth .. the way that peavey 5150s have something like 5 12ax7s ! So much fun to play with and after 3 years I still haven't been through all the presets .. especially the cleans which I am trying to get into my music instead of having everything high gain all the time. This amp produces WAAAAY more gain than is useful on any recording .. I find that I have to find presets I like to jam with but then halve the gain come recording time.
  18. What's you impression of the quality of the signal? I use the older Line 6 Spider Valve and I use that in combo with direct mic'ing but I find I have to do a bit of processing on it .. like add a cab sim on that channel in the DAW with a reverb impulse loaded up.
  19. Funny, for years I heard about all the carping and insults heaped on the Spider Valve amps when my opion was "this used amp of mine sounds great!" I've had my SV for 2 years or so. Then I was looking at the back of the amp with the manual open and I was like "what they hell are these toggle switches?" Did some online digging and discovered that the dude that had this before me installed the Strymon mod! Both switches had always been up which was fine for me as I play metal but I was kinda curious why even the ultra clean presets sounded a tad crunchy. I recently did a 100% tube change (including the Mesa tube in the mod) and man ... this amp is going nowhere !!!!
  20. Ive done this with a firm foam that I had laying around. I also used 11s because that Is what I am used to. With the exception of extreme hi gain scenarios .. with no real warbles or anything. I've very happy as a I recently started working on a song that uses Bariton Drop -A. The Variax is outperforming my cheapo 7 string .. which was my plan all along. On the acoustic side, I have a song where it is great though I'm going to recut that track using a lighter pick and lighter touch as recommended by Sean Haley. I'll post songs within a few weeks .. just gotta firm up my playing a bit as these tunes are on the outter edge of my capabilities (cover of I Despise by Chimaira and and original tune)
  21. Answer: improper validation procedures. I've been in hi technology medical manufacturing for 13 years. It's always the same thing. The "suits" get all excited about releasing something and they've hired the wrong techies to develop the stuff. These techies are indoctrinated into the "Microsoft Method" : i.e. release crap and then let "the field" do the real beta testing, then collect all the complaints, errors and product returns, fix the software, release the corrected version and then start the process over again. That all being said, my upgrade to 2.0 went flawlessly.
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