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Tone chasing tip


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So I discovered a very easy way to dial in a tone for a particular part or song when building a patch to help improve the process and speed things up a bit.


What I've started doing is dropping a looper block as the FIRST Block in the chain. I build out my basic signal path after that, record a loop of the main lick or riff of the song or part I'm wanting to dial in and just let it loop.


From there, I can take my hands off the guitar and just live on the editor or on the helix interface while I can tweak and dial away to my heart's content without having to do the whole "play, stop, tweak, play stop tweak" nonsense over and over again. I can run through several IRs, A/B amps, adjust eq, high and low cuts, delay times, rates, mix, etc etc all on the fly. Its basically reamping without a DAW, which I don't have.


This has greatly allowed me to run through multiple settings on the fly and really sped up my work flow for dialing in patches.


Hopefully this helps some of you guys!

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