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Line 6 Support in the UK


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Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a Valve protection fuse in U.K. before Saturday?

At rehearsal last night my DT 25 112 died. The valve protection fuse has gone so I suspect the tubes need changing. I have tubes in stock but no fuse.

I have a gig on Saturday so I need a fuse in a hurry. No problem I think. Ring Line 6 (E&M Electronics in the U.K.) who will be bound to have some.

They pass me on to Sontec Electonics who supply the spares. However I was told this morning that SONTEC ELECTRONICS are not able to deal with my enquiry because the parts manager is on holiday!!

I rang again this afternoon and while they do have a parts department they don't keep even fuses in stock and have to order from Germany and can't get any to me before Saturday.

I reckon this is pretty poor customer service from Line 6, E&M and Sontec Electronics in particular. The Sontec Electronics website is full of content about customer service and getting you up and running as soon as possible but seems not in this case.

A dedicated spares supplier Lee like Sontec Electronics should surely keep some of the more disposable spares in stock otherwise they are just a middle man taking a cut but not holding any stock.

I accept I should have anticipated this but after 3 years faultless service it didn't seem necessary. Really very poor all round.

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I managed to get a couple of Fuses from Allparts. Fantastic service. Arrived the next day. Replaced the power tubes re-biased and working better than before. Sounds a bit creamier/smoother.


I had to turn the bias down a bit as the first reading was 32mV. I know the old tubes were biased at 25mV as I checked them a couple of times since I put them in. The old tubes have been from a 'higher' batch.


Fingers crossed for the gig tonight.

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Thanks for the advice. I've read everything I can find about the biasing of these amps. Have done it several times now and always check again after a few days.

The gig went really well, the amp sounded fantastic and I had some great feedback.

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