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New happy Helix user


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After a couple of years considering it (even before product launch), finally I pulled the trigger and got my Helix.


I am mainly a bassist. I was hesitant to buy it before version 2.20. THANKS LINE6 FOR HEARING US BASS PLAYERS!


Definitely a few steps ahead of by zoom B3. Sound from the B3 is good but routing options, possibility to split paths (this is crucial for bass use!), global EQ (It's a PITA to change EQ in my 4 or 5 presets just because the bar where I play sounds so muddy compared to the rehearsal room). And yes, number of effects: 4 would have been enough, 5 is even better, but with Helix I can put all what I really use in a SINGLE preset! and just use stomp mode / snapshots! And user interface! 3 buttons on the B3 were too few. I was considering the mod to add 2 switches for preset up / down.


Everything worked as expected. I read the manual and got all information from this forum and also TheGearPage beforehand. But I have been surprised and actually delighted with the ease of use without a computer. If it is more usable, it will sound better, given my limited time to play with it. With the zoom, in practice I had to bring it home to edit presets comfortably with a computer.


I also play electric violin and mandolin, so now I can get rid of my old Zoom G2.1NU. I can also get rid of the expression pedal for the Zoom B3. I can get rid of a rack-mount mixer.


Now I am also starting to play keyboards live, the MDI capabilities of the Helix will be wonderful to overcome some limitations of my keyboard. To begin with I am planning to get rid of my expression pedal, hold pedal and 2nd control pedal (they move and entangle in a gig). Less cables... and less time to set up everything.


I think Line6 recently changed the way to treat some customers (for example the few bassists willing to spend much money in a MFX unit, and people demanding some flexibility). Now I guess that the market will respond. To me Helix will be the clear winner: Good UI, realistic options to improve user presets in the rehearsal space or in the sound check = better tone.


Finally... it is nicer in person than on the web!


Thanks line6 for your support in this forum and also in TheGearPage

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The bassist/keyboards/gtr in my 'lil toss-off project kept raving about the sounds I've been getting out of my Helix - showed up one day with an LT, absolutely loves it.  Bass-wise he's getting everything from audiophile full-range clean to Jack Bruce-thru-Marshall buzzy, it all sounds great.  Guitar wise he's got an actual AC-15, and he's dialed in a patch that he swears is indistinguishable from the real one.


He stays busy, lotta playing with various P&W thingies, he now says that other players in those projects are taking notice - and the word speads....

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