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  1. I can't really add too much to the comments above. I came from a Kemper to a Helix. The bottom line is, if you've never used a modeler before none of them may sound good to you. I didnt care for the Kemper when I first got it. However when I sold it 5 years later, I absolutely loved it. It took me 2 days to bond with the Helix. At first I was disappointed, but now I think it's awesome. I would suggest not paying too much attention to comparison videos. Just go try one out if you're able to. I think all of the units mentioned are incredible units. You just have to pick the one that has the work flow you need. Fractal has awesome FX and nice modeling. Kemper has great raw guitar tones but not much in the way of routing or fx. Helix has a combination of all of the above. Honestly I really don't think you could go wrong with any of them if you're use to modeling.
  2. My bassist plays through a B3 and loves it. I keep trying to convert him over to Helix. His set up is simple though. Glad you're diggin it!
  3. This is one area that Kemper already does so it would be neat to see it incorporated in the Helix. In the Kemper you can literally save any FX setting(drive pedal, delay, chorus, whatever) as a favorite, name it, and pull it into any amp you are playing. I like this idea for the Helix. I'll vote on it!
  4. I just left Kemper a few months back. I was first disappointed when the Helix arrived. I now love it. I mean really love it. Don't give up on it after your first impression and like others have said, don't even try the stock presets. I'm not a tweaker but I love the editor and huge failing point for the Kemper. Something that has been requested since day 1 and Christoph refuses to listen to his users. I got my Kemper during the first shipment to Sweetwater. Had it for 5 years. Loved it and still think it is an awesome piece of gear. I do not miss it though. The routing in the Helix is just too cool. The tones are in there, you just gotta dig them out. Unlike the Kemper which I consider a plug and play unit, the Helix requires a bit of tweaking. Not much. I pretty much hi pass and low pass everything, though not on a global level. I'm a Helix convert. Hope you dig it after you get it dialed in!
  5. I've just recently switched from a Kemper to a Helix. They're different but both sound great. For me the change was a little difficult at first. The Kemper is plug and play. Not a whole lot of tweaking.....just trying different profiles. The Helix for me personally required a little bit of tweaking, but nothing major. On the plus side for the Helix are the effects and the routing. Kemper can not pull off the incredible routing that Helix has, and the Kemper effects while ok, you're limited to how many and where you can place them. I had the Kemper for 5 years and loved it. I've had the Helix for 2 weeks and don't miss the Kemper. The Helix also has an editor which after 5 years of asking for an editor for the Kemper......it still does not. Both great boxes each unique in their own right. It really comes down to what you need, but you can't go wrong with either. I have no experience with Fractal products, but all the videos I've heard of it sound great.
  6. jeff5x01


    I generally will only make positive comments on a forum I am a member of. I'm new here, so I don't want to ruffle any feathers. I've had the Helix for almost 2 weeks now. I used it for the first time in church today. The tuner for me personally is just way too jumpy. Brand new strings on a brand new guitar. I've been playing guitar for over 30 years and have owned several tuners and several different digital boxes (Pod XT Live, Pod HD 500, Zoom G3, Elevenrack, Kemper, etc) It's not un-usable but it certainly is very difficult to get a guitar in tune in my limited experience with it. It's great that some of you have no issue with it. For me it's just all over the place. I would hope that Line 6 would look into it as this is such a basic feature that there should be no issue with at all. In all of the previous mentioned boxes I've never had an issue with tuning. For me it's not an accuracy thing, like others have said, it won't grab onto the note. It just flails all around. Doesn't matter what pick up I use or where the tone knob is (nor should it) it just won't lock on. I was so impressed by the huge tuner display (as my sight declines with age lol) then super un-impressed it was to actually try to tune the guitar with it. Just one mans story here. I believe that all of you who say you are not struggling with the tuner....are actually NOT struggling with the tuner. It's a disappointment here, but as others for now, I'll just have to put a tuner that works for me in front of the unit. Hopefully there will be a resolution that is good for everyone coming down from Line 6 eventually.
  7. That guitar is beautiful!
  8. I think the added money considering what you get is worth it. Like you I was looking at the LT first. It has the same tones in it which is ultimately the important thing to me. After having the Helix though the scribble strips make things so easy in a live setting. Now I'm sure plenty of guys out there are getting along more than just fine with the LT in a live situation. I'm an older guy (48) so being able to see the snapshot modes and effects (color coded even) just really helps me keep a handle on things. Plus if I ever need more ins and outs I have them. Honestly though you can't go wrong with either. If you think long term (say keeping the unit for over 5 years) the extra money for the Helix just isn't that much. Let us know what you decide and why!
  9. No he doesn't have an "Everything" deal. He has various bundles. http://www.mbrittprofiles.com/kemper/index.html
  10. Based on what youve said (play a vox, play every Sunday etc) I'm going to assume you are in a worship band. If I'm wrong I apologize. If you are in a worship band, head over to Worship Tutorials and download a couple of patches from there. There are a few Vox patches. They should get you through the practice. However, as eager as you are to try this out at practice, I'd say wait. I got my Helix a week ago and it took me 2 days to get something I was happy with. I just don't want you to walk away from practice thinking the unit sucks. When I first plugged in, I hated it. I came from using a Kemper which I loved. Now I have almost the exact same tone that I had with the Kemper, but it took some work to get there. An hour probably is not enough time to find "your" tone. Can you stay after practice and hook up the Helix to mess around with it through the pa? That would be ideal. I'm a trustee at our church and I have access to the building anytime I want. So naturally I've spent some time tweaking at home, then again up at church, all before even attempting to try it out with the band. I know you're excited to see what this thing can do......I get it. Just realize it may take some time to get the tone your after. Plus practice is suppose to be fun. You dont want to be frustrated. ps. Do NOT attempt the firmware update before practice. I got a Helix last week and it was firmware 1.06. Current version is like 2.21? I took me an hour and 2 phone calls to Line 6 to get it updated. It refused to update. You may not have any problems. It may go smooth. But if you intend to try it at practice forgo the update for now.
  11. Yea man that distorted guitar on the left is super fat and punchy. Sounds great!
  12. Says track has been removed? Also just curious, don't you get some phasing issues by combining IR's from different companies? I haven't tried it, but I heard it's not a good idea.
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