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M20d With Microphone Xd-v35 - Hum Signal In The Microphon Input

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I want to use the Line6 wireless microphon system XD-V35 together with the M20d mixer.

When I plug in the microphon cable of the XD-V35 receiver into the microphone input of the M20d, I get some kind of noise and hum audible in the output channels of the M20d.

This hum is audible as a background noise.


I made several tests with different cables. Even when the wireless microphone is off, the hum signal remains.

The hum signal changes the level when I work in the stagescape menu. That means when I open the record menu, the hum is getting less and when I go into the perform menu it rises.


I made a test with another analog mixer. Here I can hear no hum and the signal is clean.


Does anybody use a XD-V35 together with the Stagescape?


Any experiences ?


Thanks for help !

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They are plugged at the same power socket.
I made also tests with a di-box and ground-lift.

When I lift the ground of the XLR cable, the humming is getting much louder.


Are there any additional hints what I can do to solve the problem.

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Hard to keep track as we've got this thread going on 2 different forums.  I'm going to shut the other one off and we can continue the discussion here.


I need to confirm that you are using a passive DI box with a transformer and not an active DI box that requires batteries or phantom power.  What specific DI box did you try this with?

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I used the ART SplitComPro, which has an isolated microphone xlr input/output.

But this solved not my problem.




I'm an engineer in electronics and after my tests I don't think that the hum is coming thru the cable.

I think it's an emc trouble between the M20d and the V35 receiver.

One additional note: I use the wifi airport express router in the 5GHz mode.



Both products (V35, M20d) are from Line6

Is it possible that you install the same configuration and make an performance test


From my side I send back the v35 system.


Thanks for your support.

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The DI box has both a direct and an isolated output.  Did you try the isolated output?  Is there a difference between the outputs?


Can you try making ceratin that all phantom power in the mixer is turned off?  There are a lot of potential problems so I need to isolate them as best we can.  I would also suggest that you "create a new setup" so that there is no possibility of dragging any stored info with the channel settings.  Test using the "plain mic" setting and all other parameters as neutral as possible.  What gain shoes on the trim setting?


If you think that EMF is getting into the system an easy test  would be to use a long cable (for testing purposes) and move the receiver 20 feet or more away from the mixer.  So connect the receiver to the mixer with a long mic cable and put the receiver close to the mixer.  Now have someone pick up the mixer and walk as far away as they can.  Did the noise change?

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