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Avise on a home made cab


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Hey !!

Still on the quest for the right cab!!

And maybe this is another silly idea mine that I will share with you since you can give good or better idea in return.

I think going direct is perfect but then if you don't have your own monitoring system , your a the mercy of the host production.

So having those FRFR wedge could be ok but I wish to go with the best of both world like and Gtr range flat response in a 4x12 cab.

I thought of having 4 of those Eminence Beta 12LTA full range driver (200w w ea) loaded in a empty Marshall 4x12 cab.

And maybe insert a class D power amp like the matrix.

Making a 4X12 full range giant combo for modeler that rocks ...

Is there some of you that did something similar?

Those drivers have a 60 to 8k range and celestion makes one that goes up to 10k.

This eliminate a tweeter and the crossover.

Any thoughts?


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I have a Tremolux style cabinet with two Eminence Beta 10-CX 10" coaxial speakers and ASD:1001 drivers for the high end. I drive that with a Hafler Transnova p3000 power amp. It sound pretty good but its a bit directional. But lately I've been using just a pair of JBL EON610s because the PA rack fits on it and I can reduce the band's footprint quite a bit by combining my backline with the PA (which I run). The computer sits on top of that. Very convenient and sounds great.

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