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Anyone match ther IR cab with the real one to monitor on stage ?


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Any thoughts on this monitoring setup?

I think Kemper amp version works this way if you go directly with IR cab to FOH , and that is what I do with my helix , but for your stage power they go with a real gtr cab to push some air.

I guess the idea is to have a cab that is matching the IR that is sent to FOH ?

If not , you won't remember what tour tone sounds like to FOH.

As an ex: I send XLR direct an IR of the 1960 A , I should have one on stage to get the exact tone I'm sending out to the board.. Right?

Is anyone have experienced this setup ?

Notice that I always have stage wedges or IEM as monitoring depending on witch act I play with.

Cheer thank

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If you're using an actual guitar cabinet on stage it will never be consistent with the sound of an IR that goes to the FOH because the IR's sound is the result of not just the cabinet, but the mic or mics being used as well as the mic placement on the cabinet.

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