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Computer will not detect pod 2.0 (macbook pro)

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Hey guys, I'm trying to connect my pod 2.0 to my macbook pro to run line6 monkey for firmware update as well as use line6 edit. I am connecting the computer via a MIDI to usb cable, and I'm positive everything is connected properly, but both line6 monkey and line 6 edit are saying the device is not detected.


Is there something I need to do in my computer settings to help my pod be detected? MacBook pro (2017) running OSX Sierra. Thanks.

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Is it a 'branded' (i.e. a decent quality) cable or a cheap no-name cable? Many cheapo cables don't have the necessary components to actually use MIDI SysEx robustly, even though they will transmit/receive MIDI note data.


Try a decent cable. Line 6 used to recommend the M-Audio MIDISport Uno but I'm not sure that model is still available, but an equivalent should do the trick.

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Unfortunately it is a cheap no-name cable. I wasn't having much luck finding them on the internet, and I didn't want to get an expensive one just incase it didn't work...I guess I can look into something more expensive as long as they have a decent return policy. Anyone here have an idea of which cable I should buy? One of my friends suggested I get a usb controller with midi ports and just connect it  to the controller via midi to midi.

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Just curious etregoning87, did you follow through and buy the M-Audio cable? If so, did it resolve your connection issue? I'm having the same issue getting my POD 2.0 to connect to my MacBook Air (OSX 10.12 Sierra). When I try to update the Firmware, I get the following dialog box from Line 6 Monkey v1.75:


(Code 8000900C) MIDI device timed out waiting for response. Make sure the cables are still connected and try again.


Before I send back my cheap cable and try out the M-Audio at 2x the cost, was hoping to hear if you're now up and running. Thanks.

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Hi there, just wondering if any of you had success connecting your Pod 2.0 to your computers?

I've just bought one second-hand and I'm wondering about the best way to connect the Pod 2.0 to my MacBook Pro?

I've seen talk of cables or audio interfaces... do I need to buy an audio interface to connect to my Mac or will a good cable suffice?

Any clue on cables/audio interface models would be much appreciated.

Many thanks :-)


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