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Can't get pod farm plugin working on Cubase 5 Win7/64

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Its been a few years since I've done any recording. I'm almost having to re-learn everything. My hardware and DAW have outdated a bit since I last used them and I recently upgraded from XP/32, so I can use more RAM for my plugins.

I got a PC with Asus P5Q board, 8GB DDR2, intel 9650 cpu, running Cubase 5. All great gear at the time I built it!


I bought pod farm 1 with my toneport UX2 back in 2009 along with a triple pack.


Everything worked fine on XP/32, but now I'm using 7/64, the plugin just doesn't work no matter what I try. Does pod farm 1 even work with Win7/64?


My Line6 Monkey installed Pod Farm 2.5 and I can open it stand alone, altho it keeps asking me to activate it every time I open it, so I click the button and it shows my computer and my UX2 as authorised. But I looked on the site and it says there that 2.5 needs to be purchased to be used, its not a free update, so I'm a bit confused.


I was happy with what I had before, I'd just like to get it working again in Win7/64.


How can I do it?

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Thanks for the reply.

As far as I can tell, I have to put PF1 in C:/program files/steinberg//Cubase 5/VSTPlugins in order for Cubase to scan & find it.


I did that, and it's now there in the list when I add a new insert, although the path from the plugin list now goes Pod Farm>>VST>>Line 6>>Pod Farm.


Just by accident, I have discovered that if I insert it on a midi track, it works as and the pod farm interface loads as expected. However, if I try to insert it on an audio track, Cubase just freezes and I have to use task manager to shut it down.

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Ok, I've solved the path issue by simply dragging podfarm.dll and the podfarm application into the Cubase5/VSTPlugins folder, but still if I try to insert it on an audio track, Cubase stops responding.. :/


Aslo, if I load a Cubase project on which I've used podfarm already, the project simply won't load and Cubase stops responding.

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Haha no I won't!


My iLok key is in 2 pieces, damn thing shorted and fried my motherboard, I had to get a new one!

I have East West plugins aswell. This week, they helped me to register those to the computer without the iLok, so now I can throw that god awful thing in the bin where it can go and bother all the other rubbish!


The only downside I found doing this is, for any songs I made in the past with PF1, I now have to delete the insert on any tracks where I used pod farm and start from scratch with pod farm 2 and set up the guitar sound all again. That's a real pain, but at least I can do it and it will work, rather than spending hours trying to find a problem!


Thankis again mate :)

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