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Issue with 4 cable method and overdrive


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Just trying four cable method for the first time, and whenever I'm using the fx loop my fender DeVille sounds like the drive is crancked and it's at 0. Not sure how to get a clean sound out of 4cm, all overdrive pedals are off before fx loop.


Any tips?

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Are you using the fx loop out of the HD500 or the 1/4 outputs or both in your cabling?


Both the fx loop and the 1/4 inch outputs can be set to two different levels.


The fx loop can be set to STOMP or LINE (see small switch on back of unit).   The STOMP setting gives a lower instrument level signal. The LINE will give a much louder signal.

the 1/4 inch outs can be set to INST or LINE (see small switch on top of unit next to expression pedal).  The INST setting gives a lower instrument level signal. The LINE will give a much louder signal.


I am guessing that you are using the LINE level setting and are overdriving the input to your DeVille's fx loop - so use STOMP and INST instead.

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Thanks for the reply, I'll give it a shot!


If I can ask a second question, probably a stupid one, why do I have no volume control from the amp with the 4 cable method? Does it bypass the volume and drive knobs altogether? And with that being said I kinda like the lower volume I get from the pod hd500x but if ever needed how would I get the full potential of my amp because even with the master all the way up and the modeled amp up I feel like it's nowhere near the max volume my amp can push

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I guess it all depends on exactly how you have wired things up.


For example I have a Sessionette 75 with an fx loop, and I can run the output of my HD500 into the RETURN of the fx loop and it bypasses all the tone and volume controls on the amp - instead I have to control the amp volume from the MASTER volume knob on the HD500.


But I can also wire it up so I use the pre-amp controls by going from HD500 FX SEND to AMP INPUT then AMP FX SEND to HD500 FX RETURN then HD500 1/4 out to AMP FX RETURN.

In this way, all the amp controls take effect.


I think you should be able to set things up so you can use the volume and drive knobs on the DeVille - but I don't own one so I can't check out the correct set up.  First try the wiring set up I have described for my Sessionette and see if that solves it for you.  If not, report back with how you have things wired up and what results you get and we will try to help you out.

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Try this:


Guitar into POD HD "Guitar In." Then POD HD's 1/4" OUT to amp's effects loop RETURN only. Caution: Volume is really touchy!


Your main amp volume should still work. Everything else runs through the POD HD.


This works on lots of other effects devices too.

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Also, discovered something new this weekend...


I have the "Dream Rig" (DT50 - HD500X - Variax; connected with a single AES-EBU 3-pin digital cable) and have always used the preamp and cab settings in the 500X. I read somewhere on the forum about skipping the preamp and cab models to free up 500X processor space for more effects. The DT50 has 4 fantastic models built in, why not use them?


I was playing with the channel volume and master volume on the 500X and learned that you can crank the 500X master volume to "front end" the DT50 amp's input level. I had a killer distorted sound, but when I turned down the 500X master volume, the sound cleaned up. When I turned it to full up, it drove the amp's input even harder.


Lesson learned: check the processor output volume to see if it is dirtying up your clean signal. AND, for extra dirt - crank that bad boy up to overdrive your amp's input circuit.


Sometimes, it's the simple stuff we forget.

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