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Reverb sound


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Hi. What's the best way to put a reverb block in?

With pedals it was on the effects loop and the last pedal in my chain.

On the Helix I find the reverbs to be inferior but usable, but my band mates have commented that everything sounds "in the background" , like it's too wet or something so I'll turn the mix down to 30% or so but then I lose and real effect of the reverb.

It's like I'm taking out the attack of the original guitar tone or something.

I then tried to make a split before the delay to the 2 me line down and rejoin before the output and this seems to help.


But what is the best way to help with my problem?

When I use my amps reverb (fender twin reverb) it sounds great but I want different presets like I can on the Helix.

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Since you ran it in the effects loop when using pedals, put the reverb before your cab/IR. I have found most of them in Helix to be a bit harsh. I land up moving the high cut on them to about 1kHz, and vary the mix between 20-50% depending on the need. I also generally run it in parallel with the "dry" signal coming out of the amp block. That will keep your articulation, but layer on some reverb. 

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