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  1. For the 60 cycle hum try unplugging the power and somehow use another wall socket . That worked for me
  2. I bought a HX Effects to replace my boards , on paper it looked perfect, liked the scribble strips, like the delays (Reverbs not so much tbh) . As soon as I set it up I thought I must have a bad cable or something is set wrong because of the added hiss and hum. updated Firmware (that was another issue I had with it while not the HX Effects daily but the windows programme kept saying error when trying to update the HX Effects) Finally figures out it was a mix of the cable supplied being dodgy and I needed to restart the computer after adding a driver that was time I’ll never get back . I hoped that would sort it but tried the 4 cable method again with my Fender Blues Deluxe 40w Reissue ,and set up a preset with the effects loop block and the added sound was stupid . Only way I could calm it down was to go into the effects loop send and return and turn the volumes down but then lost the effects ... If this was fixed I’d try it again but I really don’t want the hassle. Also the thing eatspower and was causing hums in my other gear if connected to same socket and I can’t be doing with turning up to a gig, running an extension to my gear and dealing with problems like that
  3. By the way do they all come with that power supply? It comes with 3 adapter that click on to the two prongs? felt a bit like it isn’t road worthy and I’d need a backup or something better, what do you use with the HX Effects?
  4. I was using the supplied power brick. i read somewhere that the HX Effects draws a lot of power , far more than the 500ma I have on my isolated power. not sure what to do. I think I’ll return for a refund then buy from a different online shop with 30 day money back and if it’s another dud or this is just how they all are then I’ll send that back and just go down the pedals route or try these Soirce Aidio pedals and hub for scenes
  5. Did the test and yes when turning on the fx loop block before the Teemah! It makes loads of noise . Very hissy and very unusable , especially as I mic my amp, that would sound like a passenger plane through our P.A !! Im returning it which is a shame because everything (price,footprint,ease of use,quility delays)was great but this white noise is ridiculous. Turned my normal setup on through the loop (Boss DD-500,El Capistan ,Flint) and it’s silent. Going to try Source Audio Hub and pedals instead. a side problem to was the hum I got if I plugged the HX Effects power adapter into the 4 gang extension I was using. Made everything sound like **** Also the USB cable in the box was a dud
  6. Thanks I will try this and let you know. my amp is a Fender Blues deluxe tweed
  7. Got the HX Effects today. used the templates and also did a few of my own 4 cable method presets. wow the loop is super noisy, thought I was doing something wrong and spent about 3 hours swapping cables, changing how I set up the preset and still very noisy. The only way I could get rid of the noise was to add a Noise Gate at the end so it went away when I wasn’t strumming , but is still there when I did strum. The other way was to reduce the FX LOOP mix from 100% to 40% but that defeats the point of the effects loop really. i have it set up with Overdrive-Sinple EQ - FX LOOP Block - Delay - Reverb and that’s it. I have sent an email to return it but wandering if there’s something I could try before sending it back. I installed firmware 2.70 to the HX Effects and it didn’t change it but noticed my Reverb was wetter. I also started getting a high pitched noise behind my delay at times to ! It seems like a great product if this noise would disappear and would simplify things for me as I have too many pedals and the idea of this was to replace them all ... not a good start .. any help would be appreciated
  8. Thinking of getting the Powercab plus for my Helix LT and selling my Fender Twin Reverb amp. My question though is could I buy one of each and use all the extra features like midi speaker switching then go out of the plus into the regular one and be the same? So basically using the plus as an extra speaker one on top of the other or side by side depending on room or would I have to buy two plus models?
  9. I like the way boss does it . turn clockwise in +1 increments turn clockwise while being held down +10 increments. Roland stuff does the same if you hold shift and turn the knobs
  10. Thanks for the help. Think I'll put a big F at the end for fender and a G for Gretsch in the name. Then add an eq block last like was mentioned then for the strat. I don't want it to sound like my Gretsch ,just louder and not so twangy
  11. I've just got a strat, but my Gretsch is loads louder and much fatter and better sounding. What is the advised way to set up the songs I'll be using the strat with. Would it be to add volume at the end or the beginning ?
  12. Riki1

    Reverb sound

    Hi. What's the best way to put a reverb block in? With pedals it was on the effects loop and the last pedal in my chain. On the Helix I find the reverbs to be inferior but usable, but my band mates have commented that everything sounds "in the background" , like it's too wet or something so I'll turn the mix down to 30% or so but then I lose and real effect of the reverb. It's like I'm taking out the attack of the original guitar tone or something. I then tried to make a split before the delay to the 2 me line down and rejoin before the output and this seems to help. But what is the best way to help with my problem? When I use my amps reverb (fender twin reverb) it sounds great but I want different presets like I can on the Helix.
  13. This may be it. I only go Mono, thought if I use an effect that's stereo it gets changed to mono anyway?
  14. I'm not using amps and cabs, just use the helix for delays,EQ ,volume,distortion.
  15. Set my Helix LT up as normal, did sound check and everybody told me to turn off my chorus pedal and my guitar is out of tune. I had no choruses on and my guitar was bang in tune. Plugging straight into the Amp and it sounded great again - going back through the Helix and again there was a sort of phasing effect and loss of clarity, just sounded crap. Not even sure if it was the Helix, I turned it off and on again, changed all cables and seemed to sort it, but then a few songs towards the end I got the effect again. I've checked all the settings and have no such effects on any of my presets. Anybody have any advice what this could be? Helix LT - front of Fender Twin Reverb Valve Amp - mic'd up to the PAwith sennheiser
  16. If honking of getting these. So with the 3 screws touching the metal switch it definitely works so I can still use Helix as normal?
  17. I'm going through all my presets that have just effects going into my fender tube Amp. I want my Amp to be onstage monitor only and have modelled amps and cabs going out the xlr to the P.A I want to do this for an upcoming gig for 2 or 3 songs to hear what it sounds like . So should I... 1. Add Amp and cab onto Path A and have the normal path going out 1/4 inch to the Amp and the Amp+cab splitting off from the effects down to a separate xlr output (which I've done) was confusing and fiddly to get it right but it works all from the top Path going out of 1A to just Amp and 1B going to just xlr Or 2. Copy and paste all effects onto path 2 but add In amps and cabs and go out to xlr only. Hope that makes sense... I have the global EQ set to XLR only with some high and low cuts.
  18. I currently use mine straight in the front and use preamp models. Do you guys place the preamp after distortions but before delays etc, or last in the chain... so it's going preamp model into the Amp which is another preamp? Another thing I'm going to look at (we'll listen to) is using preamps and diming my fender twin so allhe eq is at 10 so not taking anything away and seeing what that does
  19. Don't think I can do that offer as I'm in England U.K
  20. Sold my Wampler faux spring pedal as I was getting the Helix and I cannot get that sound out of the helix. I hope they update the spring to sound like the Wampler or Topanga by Catalinbread, also I want tape delay with brightness knob
  21. I doesn't on my laptop (windows 7 64bit service pack 1)
  22. Think I have it now thanks. I had to select Helix Lt - Helix - Windows 10 (I'm on windows 7) Then it says is 7 8 9 10 ! Bit annoying why it doesn't just come up like the Updater download.
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