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Pod 500x direct to studio monitor


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Hello everyone, I 'm inexperienced, I will buy Pod hd 500x for practice and record in my room by direct to studio monitor, is it sound good? What percentage of similarity if compare to real amp, is it bad? and last question which speaker I should buy for 4x4 meter room

JBL : LSR 305/230 5"speaker

ROKIT 6 Generation 3 Black 6"speaker

Yamaha : HS7 6.5"speaker 


Thanks for any advices.

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I run my HD500X through a pair of KRK G3 6" and it sounds great. My unbalanced L & R outs go into a JamMan stereo looper, and from there into my KRK 1/4" inputs. (The 500X built in looper is inadequate for most uses. I use the JamMan's 99+ loops to record ideas, not just for playing along with. But I digress...) No matter how you hook it up, running your HD500X into monitors is the best way to go... in my opinion, naturally. You get true stereo sound stage, which means the full effect of ping-pong delays, stereo chorus, etc. It sounds dimensionally richer than running through a guitar amp... speaking of which, the 500X amps are very convincing... Hard to tell from the "real thing". Of course, the Pod offers many parameters to choose from (heads & cabs, speakers, mic type/position, sag, excursion, and so on...) so you can get very close to the original "amp sound" you have in mind.


I'd get KRK 6's for playing through... they have more low end (frequency response: 38Hz - 35kHz) than the Yamahas or JBL and have a fuller sound. They can produce a good "chunky" growl... no need for a sub-woofer. The Yamahas / JBLs provide a "flatter" more accurate sound, better for mixing, so recordings don't come out too bottom heavy.


This post on connecting a 500X to KRK Rokits should help get you sorted out:


You're gonna have fun... just remember to leave your room for some fresh air once in a while.😎

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