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Need some Technical Help. (Audio Issues)

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Okay so I've been having this issue for a few months now. Kinda getting to the point of my audio issue is something to do with my soundcard / hardware inside my PC but first, I should explain what I am hearing and give some views on what the issue is.


Firstly. Only people with studio based headsets can hear this. People with earbuds wouldn't be able to hear the issue but its like a Crystallizing popping noise that only occurs before I speak. Like a *Pop* *Click* before I say a word. is a example of the noise (It occurs when I say "Testing") I have tried the following:


Replaced USB Cables,

Replaced XLR Cables.

Changed from Focusrite 2i4 USB Interface to a Line 6 tone port UX2 Interface. The issue is still there.

Tried 3.0 USB Ports (UX2 didn't work)

So I tried different ports.

I have tried different microphones.

(AT2035 which is 2 years old and the AT2020 which is around 5 months old)


and now thinking it might be hardware / soundcard issue but I can't decide if its cause my PC is slightly outdated or it might be something else.



Motherboard: ASUSTeK P8Z77-V

Windows 8.1

i7 - 3700k @ 3.50GHz CPU



Samsung SSD 840 Series (111GB)

Seagate ST2000 (2TB)





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I can't listen/watch your youtube (at work), but your problem sounds like a software issue - what are you sending the audio to?  (DAW)  Your description sounds like a gate that is turning on/off.


Yeah, After thinking about it, It might be more of a software issue.


So I got my audio going through Podfarm and then into OBS.

I have tried a few things, Microphone into OBS, Microphone into Adobe then OBS and realized that on OBS there is "Advanced audio properties" which turned my audio into Mono (Which made the sound louder) so after turning that off the Sound is less noticeable but its still there. which does bother me a little.


new sample of the audio.
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This does sound like a software issue, perhaps jitter from the wordclocks not syncing if I had to force a problem to be defined based on software, but based on what you've said about the problem appearing in different DAWs and having tried different cables and what not, I'm wondering if you don't have an issue either with your microphones' diaphragm having some condensation on it or your microphones' tubes.  


That does sound like it might be off the mark since you've tried multiple mics, but if you're storing them together in the same fashion the problem could persist across all of them too.  Good luck with this, just trying to point the way to other places where the hidden problem could lie.

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