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Sending signal to PC


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I am using my new Helix LT for few days and it is time to start to use it for what I bought it for. I have some problems with configuration.

I need to configure it this way:
Signal with effects - 1/4'' - this is working fine
Clean signal (straight from guitar) - USB - as FIRST channel
Signal with effects - USB - as SECOND channel

I have problem to send sound from Helix to computer - both cases. My computer see it correctly - I can hear sound from PC in monitors connected to 1/4'' and my computer see Helix also as recording device, but it do not get any sound (checked in control panel - recording devices - Helix).

How I confugured Helix - I know that now it should send only clean signal, so it is not really what I want to get, but my computer do not get any signal and I can not firure out what is wrong :(

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OK, so...

To do what you want to do, just build your patch the way you normally would for use with speakers, don't worry about leaving a "dry" path for the clean guitar.


In your DAW settings, make sure that Helix Inputs 1-8 are available (some settings automatically set it to only having 1-2 available).


Make sure your speakers/monitors are connected to the Helix outputs (1/4" or XLR doesn't really matter)


Set your track that you want to record the EFFECTED (amps/cabs/FX) signal to record on USB 1 or USB 1/2 for stereo.


Set the track that you want the DRY guitar to be recorded on to USB 7.


No when you arm both of these tracks the first one will be the "full" signal with everything on it and the second track will be JUST the guitar directly from the input on Helix. 

I know it seems silly, but I've seen a few people out there trying to monitor through the speakers that are already hooked up to their computer. To use the Helix as a USB interface, you have to hook you monitors up to the Helix. No condescension intended, just trouble-shooting.

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