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Boost In A Dt25

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I knew there was a boost feature in the DT50 but using DTEdit I realised that it did indeed boost the DT25.


I know it must be simulated in the DT25 but why?

What is it doing because it seems to make the amp really jump out.


Why isn't this option in the HDEdit under amps?


You can try this easily (DT25 ers) setting a footswitch to the base channel and the MIDI  to CC Toggle and CC to 74 for amp A (117 for amp B)

then set the value to 127


I use a MIDI Solutions Plus event processor and have set it to turn this boost ON on all selected patches on the HD500.


For the moment I like it but that could change. B)

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in the DT50, the additional 12AX7 does this boosting - as far as I know, it's done in DSP in the DT25, but I'm not sure whether it just boosts by the same multiplication factor for the audio signal, or whether it emulates a 12AX7 for the boost.


it's something that PODs can control as part of the amp models - as some of them enable the boost and others do not - by default.

I think it's likely that it's just a simple vol boost in the DT25 as it's not done via a tube, so that you could likely achieve the same result with a studio EQ FX and leave the levels on flat and boost the gain/vol.


Hope that helps



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Every little helps, thanks. I don't think it is a volume boost, it is more presence boost or that is the feeling I get.

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