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  1. Yes. The HD500 outputs program change message PC 00 when you select the first preset in a setlist. Select the 2nd preset it outputs PC 01. So all you have to do is match the patches in the 11R to correspond.
  2. I don't understand that. We both have the same problem with the 69 and 69s NOT the HD. As I keep saying the HD and my 59 have always worked with NO problem. They said send your HD into the nearest service centre (for me in Tassie OZ is probably the Moon)
  3. ...and only 12,000 miles apart. I just don't get it. If it was F/W in the JTV69s updated when the last batch of guitars was added, then why not the JTV59. Did that update affect the interaction between the JTV69s and its hardware. The big question why only a few guitars?
  4. Just been experimenting with the JTV69s. a) With the VDI link plugged in ONLY - the HD500 locks up. b) With the VDI link plugged in AND the battery in and a guitar lead plugged in - HD 500 Works OK c) With the VDI link plugged in and the Battery ONLY - Does NOT work. d) With the VDI link plugged in and a guitar lead plugged in - Does NOT work. Now this points to the JTV69s (Remember from a previous post of mine - this WAS happening in the prior F/W release.
  5. Interesting thought about the tuner. I was going to re-flash mine too see. I first turned the HD on and I forgot to unplug the JTV69s and sure enough the HD500 came up with the last preset but would not go to any other preset. Went into monkey and it said that all my gear was up-to-date except the HD500 because it could not recognise it - strange? Turned everything off, unplugged the JTV69s and plugged in the JTV59 - turned everything on - HD worked like it should. Turned everything off. Then repeated the above step with the JTV69s and once again the HD is locked up. Ergo: I think the tuner in my case is a red herring. It has to be something to do with the JTV69s. One observation is that the guitar socket on the JTV69s seems different in the way it clicks in.
  6. I too am suffering with this problem. However I may have taken it a stage further. 1) This occurred for me on the prior release when using the JTV69s 2) It did NOT occur either on the prior release nor on the current release when using the JTV59 3) I think this negates the cable question (tried it on two anyway) 4) I only purchased the JTV69s when I was using the previous release, so I don't know how far back in releases this problem goes. 5) I have NEVER had any problems with the JTV59 6) As stated, I have to disconnect the JTV69s prior to switching the HD500 on. (Tried disconnecting MIDI, Loop, and DT25 connections - made no difference) This is either a software problem in the JTV69 model or a hardware problem in same model.
  7. Yes it can be done. Instead of your amp, I send out midi to change an M9 FX unit. From the PODHD fs5(A) -all banks- I select M9 effects for Acoustic. I select M9 effects for clean all banks from fs6( D ) etc etc. The only way I could accomplish this was to get a "Event Processor Plus" from MIDI Solutions. This box is powered from MIDI so no batteries or mains. You program it (very easily) to read in this case the output from the POD and translate the output to just about anything MIDI. So for example, by default it can output a program change of 1 (So if you do no other translation your amp will always get a 1) then you can program it to when fs8(D) is pressed on the PODHD a program change of 03 is sent out. This box can then translate this 03 to 02 and output that to the amp. Likewise the next Bank fs8(D) will output a program change of 07 which can be again translated to 02. The only downside is that the above unit can only do 32 translations which is usually enough with some careful planning or just get two units. Hope this is helpful.
  8. OZ a third world country? When did we go up the ratings...? We got culture down here... Australian Love Poem Of course I love ya darling, you're a bloody top notch bird And when I say you're gorgeous, I mean every single word. So ya bum is on the big side, I don't mind a bit of flab It means that when I'm ready, there's something there to grab. So ya belly isn't flat no more, I tell ya, I don't care, So long as when I cuddle ya, I can get my arms round there. No Sheila who is your age has nice round perky breasts They just gave in to gravity, but I know ya did ya best. I'm tellin' ya the truth now I never tell lies, I think it's very sexy that you've got dimples on ya thighs. I swear on me nanna's grave now the moment that we met, I thought you was as good as I was ever gonna get. No matter what u look like I'll always love ya dear Now, shut up while the cricket's on and fetch another beer. Brings a lump to the throat doesn't it? ...and for that model pack? a million dollars...
  9. bjnette: So they have taken the M9 concept and added a looper. Huh, Well my M9 has a looper - so - does that make it an FX8? wow I am so lucky...
  10. Wow that was a long time coming - BUT I love it !! Pity it was not thought out 100% though. a) 5 selector switch will select all models in a bank However, 3 selector switch will only select 1, 3, 5 (JTV59) It should :rolleyes: if pickup 4 is in saved preset, go 2, 3 ,4 - Not hard to recognize a JTV59 B) In HD Edit in the drop down box to select Vol Locked, Tone Locked etc there is one to lock vol,tone AND selector position. Ok that locks a, say, Tele-1 and vol/tone. Why not a selection for just locking the selector position - not hard... c) was this documented? or is a work in progress that slipped through? Don't you love it when the b ) comes out as a b)
  11. Well I would guess that the 59 in pos 4 & 2 would behave like a 59 in 5 & 1 as the selector is in bridge / neck and 4 & 2 is only electronically achieved.
  12. I think Line 6 missed a trick here. They should have put a Line6 input from the DT25/50 and made it so that it could be used for acoustics.
  13. Edstar1960, Sorry for the confusion. After re-reading my post it does read "some models" I think that was a breakdown between my brain and finger tips. I did have to change strings globally which, and this is where my connection broke down, some models were worse than others but globally lowering the string volumes fixed those up but was acceptable for the others. Post HD all that went away and it then it still happened on a few models but different from the originals. Again sorry mate for the confusion...
  14. Funny you should write about this because I had to change my string vols the other day. Since I got the '59 a while back I have change the individual strings on some models to balance out a particular guitar. When HD came out, this negated all the changes I had made. They were much better balanced. Now only on a couple have I made very minor tweaks. Then the other day I was balancing all my guitars so they played approx. the same vol thru 1 tweed b-man amp. This was working out OK until I came to my Semi that I had put Lester PU's on. The volume was way too loud. I took the volume all the way down on both the PU and patch and the thing still played at volume !! Took me awhile until I realised I had two PU's at the same position. Ha. When I corrected that I found that the sound still didn't sound correct. Lester PU's on LP body sounds OK, so the only difference should be the body simulation of the semi. So that was when I lowered the strings to between 60-70% across all 6 strings and it sounded so much better. Now I have my acoustics using a Flip-Top amp which to me sounds the best for me. Lowering all 6 strings on the acoustics made them sound better too. I haven't lowered them on all models yet. It is not just the lowering of the volume but somehow the interaction across all the strings. (There is probably a word for it.. No not B-s**t )
  15. Between the amp and the mixer there is a top line and a bottom line (A and B). Insert a digital delay onto the top line (A) with a delay set to minimum. 20ms. I set mine up as Time 20ms / FB 1% / Bass / Treble / Mix all at the 12 o'clock position.(all 50%).
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