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  1. is there a hotkey for the tempo switch in edit? got it it is "T" so as a temporary fix i now have set the tap tempo switch as a hotkey for edits tap tempo. sorta works now
  2. here is a video of the tap tempo problem, as you can see i tap a +- 105/110 bpm on my mouse in edit. but when i tap with either the tap tempo switch or my external tap switch it taps +- 50 to 80 bpm faster, its all over the place. i did switch from transparent to authentic and vica versa in global settings. (sorry for the bare feet)
  3. I went back to 2.82 for now. it's great to hear they are fixing it as we speak. no complaints here
  4. definitly a bug, didnt have any problems with 2.82 when tapping in edit(right top corner) it works but when you tap on helix you can see it go haywire.
  5. i found that when going in global settings and switch to authentic and then back again to transparent or vica versa, fixes the problem, but when i go to a other preset its scrambled again
  6. possible bug: when i start up my helix my expression pedal 2 is not calibrated right, like half way is 100% full toe is back to 35% again, i use it mainly for delay mix and feedback, I have to reload the patch again and then it is ok. it's not a big deal but u never had this issue with other firmwares.
  7. the fractal and Helix sound the same to me, thermionik a little different but also not bad in any way. love you're honest and unbiased review. great video
  8. interesting because I often hear that the fractal amp models are smoother more polished and Helix more raw and harsh.
  9. take a look at this post (from a fractal moderator) on the fractal forum , they too use high cuts to get rid of fizz and harshness in the high end when using frfr.
  10. wouldn't be surprised this guy is indeed a troll, also because he is unwilling to share his patch he probably doesn't even have a helix, you wil be surprised abouth comments from always the same guys on almost every helix YouTube videos claiming it is sounds harsh and digital, they make it a sport to bash Helix (line6), while on real blind test video's they keep silent. or favour the helix tone and later delete they're comments.
  11. I also have issues with the tap tempo of my lt, i use it alot, pushing the knop and twisting it a couple of times seems to work for a while and then it starts to malfunction again, I also have to hit it fairly hard to work, had the same problem with my podhd500x, replaced the tactile switch abouth 5 times in that one. now I found this midi tap tempo switch for line 6 devices. ordered one yesterday.
  12. awesome track John! really love the be and lonestar too, they both replaced my go to amps in helix.
  13. first of all thank you for you're help that's awesome. I have at the latest firmware and editor. 2.5 is on it's way so I think I wait it out, if the problem remains after 2.5, I wil try to reboot.
  14. MGblade

    Marshalls in Helix

    keep coming back to this video for the helix plexi tone.
  15. MGblade

    Marshalls in Helix

    the plexi bright is my main amp in helix and i love it. isn't it a fact that no two plexi's are alike. also the speaker cab (ir's) is one of the biggest contributers in the overall tone imo.
  16. i also save first and then copy and paste.
  17. thanks for the reply by the way.
  18. at first it only happened with copy and pasting presents. last week it also happened with just saving a preset after tweaking it a bit. yes I had the channel volume set to snapshots, and yes I have the globals set to "discard" the thing is the patches worked fine until some point.
  19. ok guys lt user here hope you can follow this I asign almost all the amp block parameters to snapshot (use all 8) on my patches,a couple of times now after saving a patch after some tweaking some amp parameters (except on the snapshot which it was saved in) turn to 10. it only happened on amp parameters not on effects yet. and it seems to be randomly had it with drive, bas, and channel volume parameters. when I correct the settings and copy and paste patch to another slot the same thing happens. i use helix edit mainly. last time it happened during rehearsal, channel volume was on 10 on all the other snapshots on the patch, (saved at 5.7) not funny.
  20. my goto 3sigma's are basketweave and the 196v.
  21. i've heard bias fx is brewing something new.
  22. realy like the new kinky boost alot, use it in al my patches.
  23. hapily sold all my analog gear, no more noise issues, my tone is just as good maybe better as with my tube amps and effects, never looked back since. once you got the frfr thing figured out imo there is no better way to run a rig.
  24. thought so, heard some hidden accent in some of you're video's. i'm also Dutch
  25. great video, liked them all to be honest,happy to be a Helix owner. btw are you Dutch?
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