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XD-V75 now unusable at public gigs

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i have a Line 6 XD -V75 receiver with the latest software version 2.01 firmware 2.04 and have updated my THH12 transmitter with version 2.1.


I have tried RF mode 1 and also RF mode 2 at both outdoor and indoor shows and a preshow scan always shows ch 1 to 14 at least partially populated with signal. I even have a smartphone app that analyses the 2.4 gig Wifi spectrum and does not even indicate any activity on ch 13 and 14

yet the scan shows activity on those 2 channels.

I have separated the receiver from my show Wi-Fi router that controls my Presonus Mixer and have it placed directly center stage 6 feet from the performer. I understand a busy Wi-Fi spectrum will reduce the range of the transmitter however it has become useless not even going 3 seconds then drops out.

I have a question, is this unit no longer a viable product to use as a professional wireless Mic? By this I mean, has the WiFi spectrum become polluted with so many smart devices using WiFi that this Mic can no longer be trusted? Also, I see by the forums and the internet that this complaint is a common one.

Is Line 6 going to address this issue with some kind of software upgrade or has this type of device become useless.

I love the sound of this Mic and when working has the best sound of almost any wireless Mic I have ever heard but if it dosent work it will become a paperweight.


Any information or suggestions would really help.

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There's no relationship between wifi channel numbers and L6 channel numbers. Each RF1 L6 channel uses four different frequencies spread throughout the 2.4G band so if there's a wifi signal present on any of those four, it'll show up. 


There's clearly something very wrong with your setup, which I suspect may be difficult to remotely diagnose. I believe these systems are still very viable - I finished a run of panto a few weeks ago using ten of them. There were two high powered wifi access points mounted on either side of the prosc plus 300 odd mobile phones in the audience. My receiver rack was out front with me, around 20m from the stage and I had zero RF problems across the whole week.


I'm struggling to think of anything beyond a serious fault in the equipment that would cause dropouts at only six feet. Do you have access to another receiver or transmitter that you can try substituting? What is the RF signal strength meter showing when the dropouts occur? Does the system work OK at home, away from a gig environment? What other RF transmitters (on any frequency) are on stage with you?

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