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Is there a reason why there have not been any new sounds (amp & effect models) added to the Amplifi since its inception? I constantly get email updates notifying me of new firmware releases for Helix with added sounds. Yet us Amplifi users are still stuck with the same amps and effects since 2014. Can anyone share insight on this?



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No insight here, just stark reality. Line 6 seems to prioritize the development of newer products over adding features or functionality to the more 'mature' ones. Tech changes so quickly, you have to be 'nimble' -- oh, how I hate that word -- to stay in front, sometimes just to keep up.


I think the key term in your original post is "2014". Amplifi is old news.


Considering how much of a crap-shoot they have turned updating firmware into, I'm not so sure that I'd want to attempt another update, anyway. 'Fool me once', as they say...

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What a shame. I feel like the product has so much potential. It truly is an all-in-one solution: amp, simulator & Bluetooth speaker.


With the 30 watt version being released in mid-2016, I would have thought they were still interested in updating the amp. On top of that, they're still making developments to the Spider series.


I guess maybe sales of the Amplifi series were not as expected.

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