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  1. If you’re on iOS I recommend Anytune. It’s $15 for the pro version, but has tons of great features like markers, independent speed and pitch control, etc. There’s a limited free version you can try out too
  2. drdaved

    Loop in Amplifi

    If you’re on iOS this thread has a solution, but yeah, I don’t think there will ever be a built in looper.
  3. Yeah, what a weird design choice. Are all line 6 products like this or just the AMPLIFi?
  4. Glad you found a solution that works for you, but I’ve tried a lot of things, including the steps you posted, and Bluetooth connectivity continues to suffer from dropouts and lost connections. It’s an AMPLIFi problem not a device problem. I have a Bluetooth dongle sitting on top of the amp and connected to the aux in port and it lets me stream audio from across the house without any dropouts, while the AMPLIFi built in Bluetooth drops out constantly from 5 feet away
  5. There was an issue a while back where tones were being duplicated on the line 6 servers. It did get fixed, but because of the fix the app can get out of sync with the servers. I was having the same problem after the fix, but deleting and reinstalling the app made the error messages go away.
  6. Not for me. Amplifi 75 with the latest firmware and iOS app. Both my iPhone and iPad have very spotty bluetooth connectivity. Maybe some of it is interference from other sources, which would explain why it works for some, but if you had trouble before I think you still will. I think it's mostly the bluetooth chip that Line6 chose and how they implemented it. Right now I'm using a $15 bluetooth receiver dongle plugged into the aux port on the Amplifi for audio playback. The Amplifi audio will cut out frequently from 6 feet away with a clear line of sight, while the dongle plays back fine from the next room through a wall even though it's sitting right on top of the amp. I even opened up my Amplifi to see if I could add a better antenna, but they chose a bluetooth chip with a built in antenna so we're stuck.
  7. Don't have any Android devices, but the connectivity is bad for both my iPhone and iPad. The amp is running the latest firmware. I guess I could open a support ticket, but I'm not sure what they can do about bluetooth working but just not very well. And even if the bluetooth connection was better, that would only address about 25% of my frustration with the Amplifi amp + app. The app really feels like software that was written to a spec but never given any real world user testing. Like cloph says above, navigation in the app itself is a total mess, and it is missing some key features. Examples: a ) There's only half speed, no pitch change and no loop points in the music player. I'm sure that I'm not the only guitar player that uses variable speed and looping for practice. But since they aren't included I have to switch to another app to get them, but then I have to load the same song in two places to get the tone matching with the looping/speed. b ) Storage on the amp vs storage in the cloud is a mess. There's no good way to organize My Tones or to transfer multiple presets or do a complete backup of my amp tones. If you edit a tone on your amp and go to save it, it asks if you want to save to my tones as well, and if you do it gives you multiple tones with the same name and no indication of which is the latest (unless you click through to the Details tab for each one). c ) Editing amp tones is very slow due to sync. The amp/app don't keep track of when things changed, so each time you enter the app it has to resend the amp information which takes 10-15 seconds. A lot of the time when I'm editing tones I'm switching to a browser window to look up a player's rig to get info, and the delay each time I switch back is frustrating. d ) No PC/Mac USB editor. I think this would help with the slow tone editing and would hopefully add a way to organize, backup, and manage presets better than the app. Plus I think a lot of us live in fear that a future iOS update will break the app and line6 will have abandoned updates. A computer based app would be much less likely to break and would give users the option to run it in a virtual machine if something did break so we could still use the amp. In spite of all this, I've figured out workarounds to make it useable. I was thinking of returning it at one point, but overall it's still a pretty good value. I was looking into a standalone multiFX pedal with some sort of bluetooth speaker, but something like a Zoom G3 + iLoud combination would cost around $450 vs $250 for the Amplifi 75, and most of the other options wouldn't look good in a living room setting. @cloph, maybe Lame Duck is a strong term for it, but it's really frustrating that the platform has so much potential, but Line 6 isn't giving it much attention.
  8. drdaved

    New sounds

    AMPLIFi was a way for Line 6 to get some more use out of their existing POD models, which they aren’t making any more. All new development is focused on their new products, we don’t matter to them any more.
  9. Yeah, I don’t think Line 6 is going to give us any improvements in the future. It’s too bad, because the platform has a lot of potential, but it seems like they made some bad design choices early on and don’t want to take the time and effort to really fix them. Like choosing a really crappy Bluetooth implementation, not allowing for a direct connection for editing from a computer, and coming out with clunky software. My AMPLIFi 75 is usable now that I added a Shortboard and play music through a separate Bluetooth adapter plugged into the aux port, but any time I have to use the app for editing I find it incredibly frustrating.
  10. Not seeing the error message, but all the tones in “My Tones†are breeding like rabbits. Every time I look there’s like 10 copies with the same name. This needs to be fixed!
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