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Just saying the 2.50 Helix is amazing !!


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Hey !!


Just to show some love and say that the 2.50 update is the one I needed to satisfy my needs !

First the Friedman BE100 is my main amp for my crush, drive and lead sound. It's everything I wanted in an amp.

Despite that it is a pretty hi gain amp, I manage to clean it up to do a nice crunch bluesy sound with an Eq before but I wish that a cleaner channel of this amp would be added soon.


The new reverbs are perfect for my Floyd shows and I'm happy to see my old Hd 500 vintage echo:  tube, tape, multi head and all those "Legacy"FX  being back in this new Helix.


Bravo guys at line 6 !!



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Agreed, the work on 2.50 is pretty nice.  I haven't got around to using any of the legacy stuff yet. However, I have used both of the new amps, and 1-2 of the new HX reverbs. Fine work by Line 6. 

A nice addition in quality amps, and a noticeable step up in the quality of reverb choice, I hope they add more to the HX reverb category. The new multi-pass delay is pretty cool too. 


I wonder what the next update will bring. I don't expect it before the end of April at the earliest, but we will see.

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