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VDI cable VS Jack

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Hi everyone !


I've posted the same topic in the variax JTV, to have the most answers from users (sorry for the double).


OK, i've got a variax since many months and have done all that stuffs to improve the models sounds.

I've read all the topics to stop the artifacts, to know the way to have better EQ between the strings. 

I've changed the gauge string, tweak everything i could on workbench and the result is much better. Thanx to everyone who posts there !!!!!  ;)


Before, i prefered the sound of Variax's mag pickups and now that's not exactly the same.


Nevertheless, yesterday, i plugged my fender strato into the helix and thought that there's still something missing.....

With the models, i don't find this twang, the response is not the same or something in the tone ( i know i don't have to search exactly the same thing i have with my fender, the tone will never  be the same), many times you know something is wrong but can't explain where it is from ! That was the case !  :)


So i tried to plug my Variax with the jack instead of the VDI cable into my Helix. I put the baterry in (of course  :D )  and tried the mag pickups and the models.

And the sound was pretty different and tied in what i was looking for. 

It seems to be more raw, rocky and realistic (even for acoustics).

I could compare that the VDI is like a mp3 (smoother) vs a vinyl disk for the jack cable.....


So this brings me here today to ask you :


- Have you noticed the same ? (I think if you haven't done the test, you are going to !  ;) )

- Have i a matter with my VDI cable, there misses something to carry all the informations  (i've bought a Neutrik to substitute the poor one in the standard package) ?

Or this is a known difference between those two cables ?


The problem is that the VDI cable is really interesting because it supplies the variax and it allows the Helix to command it......


Thanx for your answers !!!!

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I am going through the same thing I have the Standard.

There seems to be an exaggerated top end with the VDI.

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