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Please make a stand-alone looper


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I love my Helix LT, a truly best-in-class modeler/fx unit! But the built-in looper is lacking.

Can you please make a best-in-class stand-alone looper that works both on its own and also seamlessly with Helix? It should have multitrack, visual place indicator, great support for multiple time signature, ability to import midi drum loops/drum tracks, etc. I would also love to just connect a looper to Helix via USB cable and have it carry digital audio, midi commands/clock to/from the Helix, and also allow usb daisy chain from computer, looper, and Helix, so that I can still use the Helix edit with the looper connected the Helix via usb.

I know, a pipe dream. But every great product starts out as a pipe dream, right?


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There are lots of amazing loopers available now, including the Line 6 JM4. You'd lose no quality using an external looper via an In/Out on your Helix. I use a Boomerang III, which is a fantastic looper and the one I settled on. You'll need to do some searching, though, to find one that has all the features you need.

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