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Replicating an Amp Tone in Helix


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I am trying to replicate the tone I use on my Fender Hotrod Deluxe IV in my Helix.

I use the Amp live, with the Helix. In a live situation I only use the Helix's FX & don't use any Amp simulations or cabinets.

I opened a new preset & put a Double Normal ATC into the Helix & A/B this with the Hotrod Deluxe attempting to replicate tone of the amp in Helix. I am struggling to get the same tone. 

I know that it's never going to sound exactly the same & I am listening to an amp with a 12 speaker & the sim on studio monitors, but I should be able to get closer than I am getting,

Is there anyone on here or at Line6 who can help?

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I would try the tweed bassman with either the twin or deluxe reverb cabinet. I have worked on a few hot rod deluxes over the years and they seem to be much closer to a bassman circuit wise than to the twin. Then I would choose a cab in the Helix that matches the speaker configuration of your hot rod deluxe. Whether you have the 1x12, 2x12 or 4x10 version. 


Also, I would probably even look at doing something like this to get closer to the sound of your cab https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8Qrt-Q79U4


After watching that video and trying out the suggestions, I have been having a ton of fun with the stock cabs. 

The Hot Rod Deluxe is much more bassy than a twin or deluxe reverb.  I might be tempted to do the two cab thing as in the video above, with a 1x12 for the deluxe reverb type sound mixed with a 4x12 to get the lower end of the Hot Rod Deluxe added in to taste. 


Hope some of this might help. 


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