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IRs and stereo signal routing


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Hi everyone,


I'm still relatively new to Helix but I feel like I have a grasp on the basics of routing signals in this unit. There are 2 things I want to incorporate in every single one of my presets:


  1. Stereo output over XLR since I'm using a lot of reverb and delay for recording purposes.
  2. Routing a signal without cab sim/ir to 1/4" output to connect to a power amp + cab in a rehearsal room and at home without going into a computer.


To make this possible I'm currently using the built in dual cab blocks, so I can put stereo fx in front of the cab block and split the signal after the stereo effects to route a signal without cab sim to the 1/4" out. Since IRs can be loaded into a mono block only, I would then need to put all my stereo fx after the IR block and then duplicate these effects onto a separate path to the 1/4" out which is not great DSP wise. I hope you guys can follow along.


Is there any possibility that in the future we might get stereo IR blocks in a firmware update, so we can load 2 IRs into a single block? I believe the axefx has this feature. Or might there be another way to incorporate IRs into a preset which still fulfills the 2 requirements I have when building my presets?


I'm still new here, so I hope someone has some insight into this issue. 


Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.


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I just saw this, a little late but hey!


I follow you completely and have racked my brain to find a solution, but am stuck like you.

I have sent suggestions to line 6 so at least it is adressed.

If you could place the 1/4" Jack outs on specific points, that could be one option, of several.

I have some elaborate stereo presets that I use the 1960 T75 cabs on, I think they sound better than the Helixs greenbacks,

but they don't sound anywhere as nice as my Celestion IRs....

I hope that Line 6 finds a smart way to shadow duplicate effect blocks, since you want the the same parameter setup, just one set without cabsims.

When you get creative, you can easily run out of DSP. When Helix 2 comes, they need to double the DSP if possible.

Running out of DSP should not be possible, only running out of ideas, then it's perfect :-)

I would like to see 2 Jack outs and 2 tapped XLRs outs (from those jacks + added IR's)

becuse I like to add panning to presets, so the FOH guy doesn't have know which sounds need panning,

I mean hard right, hard left for instance,

he just needs to set one stereo panning, and the rest is Helix ;-)

The 2 IR's blocks on 1 stereo line would be nice too.

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Just go and get Libra from STL,   you can blend up to 8 cabinets into one single IR. 

I'll be planning on getting this Software and using it to get my studio IRS and live IRs in place. 

its set up to mimic kinda how the pro's record a mulit head/cab set up in the studio (circular fashion) 


not affiliated with them, but i know a good thing when i see it. 

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53 minutes ago, ChristianBoddum said:



I think you are are missing the point here.

And the Libra will only work with Helix native, not inside the Helix floor.

Correct me if I' wrong.


yes i can see how you think I missed the point due to the stereo feed you are looking to continue. 

can I ask why you need stereo for live?  it doesn't translate to the audience. FOH mixes are generally mono.  Don't get me wrong its ear candy for sure. 


For the libra comment, you can take 1-8 IR's and blend them to your liking, so for me i like to use to 2 IR's and blend them.  I use to have to run a paralell path for that. NOw i can simply blend them ahead of time and use only one block for the blended cabs.  Check out Ola Englunds review of it on you tube.  this saves my paralell path for other goodies like stacking overdrives etc. 


you have stumbled upon a limitation in the helix due to dsp and how paths you can run.   I like the thought of using stereo paths to cheat out the parralel path.   


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Oh man this could get long and windy...

First, you are right about using one out for live, most of the time that is the case, and you are shure there are no phase issues.

Now I have many setups, for all kinds of situations.

For recording i have some really wild stereo sounds, that unfortunately can't be sent out to stereo amps simultaneously, because of limitations on the Helix so far,

so I have to have too many presets to make sure that I can cover the same sounds in different scenarios.


Please explain how you use the Libra inside the Helix floor, I don't get it.


Sometimes I have 2 parallel cabs (turned into mono via a simple eq.) and the feed stereo efx after that, but other times I have 2 different cabs at the end, and the have the spread/panning per preset.

I like to record that way too. On most presets I have a 10ms. delay on the right side for a spread. Then if I need a Mono-out signal, I have the left side "dry" so i don't need to switch the delay off (Helix Dual delay).

Did this help?

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You don't use Libra inside the Helix.  YOu basically make new IR"s out of your favorite current IR's. 

LIbra is a plug in for your chosen DAW.   

here is how I would use it. 

I'd pull up a track I'm working on, that has DI guitar tracks.  I'd open Helix Native or any other AMp sim. I"d then disabble any cab sims.  I'd insert the libra plug in after that and load up different cabinets and start blending those cabs while the music is playing. ONce i got the right mix, i'd bounce that blended cab out to an IR file that can be imported into the helix as an IR. 


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