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  1. A six voice synth engine to go with Variax guitars!!!
  2. ChristianBoddum

    2.82 Update

    Heureka!! I bought a crimping tool and a handful of plugs to see if I could fix the cable myself. And yes, in the first fiddly attempt I had it working XD So now I can at least fix it if it happens again, and that's way cheaper than getting a tech to do it for me. I will however get a backup cable, and see if I can do a complete one, it might not be worth it moneywise though...
  3. ChristianBoddum

    2.82 Update

    So - I did some testing. And my cable was causing the issue, so much that it completely cut out today, not good. The cable is a new 25 ft. Line6 cable. I tested using the cable that came with the workbench interface, all fine. using it via the jack, no problem. This is annoying. If that means having to buy a new cable every 2-3 months. I have treated this cable with care, since it is not that robust to my estimation. I'm not sure I can fix the cable myself. Soldering jack cables is no problem, but this, I don't want to mess with. I WANT to use the full capacity for gigs, but it must be more reliable than this. Do you know a higher quality brand of cables that has proven itself reliable? If so please reply ;-)
  4. ChristianBoddum

    2.82 Update

    I can't say for sure yet. But I'll know after next rehersal. My cable is brand new, and worked fine at the rehersal before that. FWIW
  5. ChristianBoddum

    2.82 Update

    Hi! I had no problems updating, But, I tried it at rehearsal last night and it was a nightmare. I'm using a JTV-69 Variax. The thing was jumping in and out all the time, so I went back to a normal jack cable to get through the evening. When i updated to 2.81 there were similar problems, but not with 2.80, so I have re-installed 2.80 and hope for the best. There must be something missing in the final testing of these updates. For professional use, these problems must not appear. It would be better for some delay, for a serious testing, and no nasty surprises. Moral; NEVER update the night before a gig (I don't anyhow).
  6. Thanks for the info! I'm not a Helix native user, well not yet, so it's not what I'm interested in, but thanks anyway.
  7. Oh man this could get long and windy... First, you are right about using one out for live, most of the time that is the case, and you are shure there are no phase issues. Now I have many setups, for all kinds of situations. For recording i have some really wild stereo sounds, that unfortunately can't be sent out to stereo amps simultaneously, because of limitations on the Helix so far, so I have to have too many presets to make sure that I can cover the same sounds in different scenarios. Please explain how you use the Libra inside the Helix floor, I don't get it. Sometimes I have 2 parallel cabs (turned into mono via a simple eq.) and the feed stereo efx after that, but other times I have 2 different cabs at the end, and the have the spread/panning per preset. I like to record that way too. On most presets I have a 10ms. delay on the right side for a spread. Then if I need a Mono-out signal, I have the left side "dry" so i don't need to switch the delay off (Helix Dual delay). Did this help?
  8. rucmas I think you are are missing the point here. And the Libra will only work with Helix native, not inside the Helix floor. Correct me if I' wrong.
  9. Hi! I just saw this, a little late but hey! I follow you completely and have racked my brain to find a solution, but am stuck like you. I have sent suggestions to line 6 ideas.com so at least it is adressed. If you could place the 1/4" Jack outs on specific points, that could be one option, of several. I have some elaborate stereo presets that I use the 1960 T75 cabs on, I think they sound better than the Helixs greenbacks, but they don't sound anywhere as nice as my Celestion IRs.... I hope that Line 6 finds a smart way to shadow duplicate effect blocks, since you want the the same parameter setup, just one set without cabsims. When you get creative, you can easily run out of DSP. When Helix 2 comes, they need to double the DSP if possible. Running out of DSP should not be possible, only running out of ideas, then it's perfect :-) I would like to see 2 Jack outs and 2 tapped XLRs outs (from those jacks + added IR's) becuse I like to add panning to presets, so the FOH guy doesn't have know which sounds need panning, I mean hard right, hard left for instance, he just needs to set one stereo panning, and the rest is Helix ;-) The 2 IR's blocks on 1 stereo line would be nice too.
  10. Right on, I wasn't all awake here ;-) But ideascale doesn't have the option of adding PDF's and pictures, as far as I can see....
  11. Hi! Wouldn't it be possible to add a varitone circuit to the EFX. I think i would be a real cool feature for tone-shaping. kind regards - Christian Boddum
  12. Hi! I have basically all the setups I can imagine aside from one, and it is very needed, not just for me ;-) I have attached a PDF showing where I would like to tap signal to the jack outs. In order to use the full stereo potential of the Helix including programmed panning, you have to make 2 dedicated outputs, in my case XLR. I usually have send blocks on 3/4 after the IR's for editing, monitoring, and recording purposes, But I still need the possibility of sending a signal pre-IR's to drive amp line inputs. So I have to double up all the presets with alternative outputs.... ! alot of work and space required. If you could tap the signal to the 1/4" jack outs like on my example, the Helix would be even closer to perfect ;-) Kind regards - Christian Boodum 31-03-2019 Jack outs option Line6 Helix - Chr. Boddum.pdf
  13. Hi! I'm gonna try this in the near future. I hope I can load my VOX AC-10 to the Helix plus keeping my speaker active by connecting it through a HB PA-100 attenuator. I have modded the amp to have a speaker in for the PA-100's return speaker signal. On paper this should be sweet, however I go the cheaper route to see if it works, before making bigger investments, if needed. I have a very good VOX AC-15 in the Helix that I use with Celestion Blueback and alnico Gold IR's. That gives me a solid FOH sound, on the other hand adding the real amp should be a little livelier experience. The down side could be that levels don't match, we'll see and hear ;-) If I can preserve the AC-10's character through the Helix, then a lot of options are at hand all of a sudden; in-ear, recording etc.
  14. I've not noticed any mechanical problems after the newest update, I have however problems with the unit applying setlists. I tried going back to 2,21 but the problem didn't go away again.... :-( I get two code messages 8212 and 8214 but can't find and explation for them. Is there a manual for these messages some where? k.r. Chr.B.
  15. ChristianBoddum


    I've come to love digital compression because of the low noise, it's soo useable :-)
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