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A few strange bugs with my spider jam


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I was hoping to see if someone could help with a few things that are happening to me.


1) When I start up the amp, the BMP light starts at something super high (~200).  Is there anyway to disable this or set the default the reasonable number?  I don't really like this super fast flashing light on my amp


2)  When I start to record a loop I get a super fast count down...., it goes 1,2,3,4 in about half a second.  This started happening after I set the level of my song/drums to 0 so I could just record my guitar by itself.  Of course I tried setting the BMP light (from question #1) to a low number but that did not change something.


3) After I clear I record then delete a recorded loop track, 50% of the time my guitar goes completely silent.  Turning off the amp and turning it back on again gets me sound again.  Any ideas why this might be happening?

Thanks for your help

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1) I felt SO STUPID when I understood how this button works (AND NOBODY HERE HELPS ME): you must to press it repeatedly in the rhythm you want. Press it a couple of times keeping the rhythm you want and BPM will change to the rhythm that you press it the button. Also works with pedal.

2) I guess this point it is linked with point before. Check it and tell me. Or check page 3.1 of "Advanced Guide": "Time Stretch & Varispeed".

3) What firmware version has your Spider Jam? This looks like a bug.

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I'm at firmware 1.04.  I downloaded the update (formatted a sdcard to FAT) but the option on the save menu is not there to update firmware.


I figured it would be best to deal with this first and see if it deals with my other issues.


Thanks for your help!

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