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HX Effects Audio Artifacts


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Hello, all. It’s extremely rare (roughly 0.5%, or 1 out of every 200 HX Effects units sold), but certain specific combinations of HX Effects units populated with out-of-spec parts and amplifiers and/or hookup configurations can manifest notable white noise and/or other unsavory audio artifacts. If your particular setup happens to exhibit this behavior, please contact Line 6 customer support, as we currently have a solution. We have also updated our manufacturing and testing process to ensure no future units exhibit this behavior, regardless of configuration. 


If you’ve already logged a ticket, sit tight—someone will be contacting you.


And if you’re one of the lucky 99.5%, continue playing as normal. Or depending on your chops, maybe better than normal.


We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.


Line 6 Customer Support

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