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PowerCab 112 Plus + Amplifi TT?


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Any answers on this community?  

Tonight I hooked up my new FBV3 to the Amplifi-TT to the PowerCab as it says in the instructions, but the volume was extremely low even with the volume on the PowerCab turned up to the max.  My guitar is connected to the Amplifi TT.   


I must be doing something wrong. I'm going to search the internet, read the manual, etc. 


Do you have any videos or information to share on the subject?

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You can control the gain to the input of the PowerCab.   I've used a variety of different modelers into the PC+ 112, and I sometimes have to bump up the gain (input level) for the input I'm using.   For example, I was using a Mooer GE150 into the PC+, and it only has output at instrument level.   That's not enough signal out of the box into the PC+ to get really loud, so I simply bumped up the gain (input level) for the 1/4 on the PC+ until I was getting the indicator to hit yellow and an occasional flash of red when I dig in.



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I spoke with the Support Team at Line 6.


You need to connect the PowerCab to the Amplifi-TT Main Outs Left jack and NOT the Amp Out jack.  


Make sure you have the best sound and good balance (PowerCab Volume LED turning Yellow), press the Master Volume knob on the Amplifi-TT to activate its Secondary Function, then set your guitar level up as high as desired. 


The setup sounds awesome!

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