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LIne 6 Helix Panama 412 Uber T75 Tone Walkthrough (Peavey 5150)


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Hey guys, Today I have a video walking through the tone I used in my previous video. I used the PV Panama amp model which is modeled after the Peavey 5150. I stayed inside of the Helix this time using the 4 X 12 Uber T75 Cabinet model using a “Dual” Cab block blending two different mics and placement on the same cab.




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Just bought Ownhammer Recto 4x12 to try out.. HOLY...FRIGGIN>>>CRAP!!!!  No comparison to stock cabs... Takes Helix LT all the way there... I think Im going to buy a 2x12 and a marshall pack next.. Crazy how much difference a decent IR vs a GREAT IR affects your tone... I literally just boxed up my AX8 for sale, Helix is just too fun and the Ownhammer IR's take it to a whole new level.   Killer tone as usual!


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