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Pod Farm 1 (no 2.5) Plugin ?

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Hi everyone !


I am an old user of Line6 products. I have a USB2 Toneport UX2 (the old one, red). I use it on my Macbook with Logic for recording. 


I have GearBox and Pod Farm on my computer. I'd like to have Pod Farm 2, but it seems I can't have it for free, because I bought this Toneport few years ago. Am I wrong ?


So I use Logic for recording. I record guitar and bass without any effects or amp, and I add them after. I use plugin for that. Is there a way to use Pod Farm as a plugin ? I tried Pod Farm 2, I can add plugin on my track, but the software needs to be activated, wich I can't do because I didn't buy it (too expensive and Pod Farm is good enough).


So, what should I do ?


Thanks ! 

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No redface toneports qualify for the version 2 upgrade for free.

the plugin was also not included with the redface version... you need to pay for the upgrade if you want the plugin.

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This is a bad news...  :P  but I know what to do now. I will use Logic plugin until I buy Pod Farm 2.5.


Thanks for your answer !

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