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[RESOLVED] Helix with Cubase

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Hi all,


I've connected the Helix (v2.5) via USB to my computer (Windows10), hoping to hear the sounds from Cubase 9.5 through my FRFR which is connected to my Helix via the XLR Output.

When I play the guitar, the sound can be heard through the FRFR but when I play the music from Cubase, I hear weird sounds (kind of slowed down version of the music with saturation).

My settings in Cubase:

       Studio Setup... --> ASIO Helix

       Audio connections... --> Outputs=Stereo Out (Output1 for Left and Output2 for Right)


Is there a setting I'm missing?





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6 hours ago, klangmaler said:

Check Helix Global Settings=> Ins/Outs => Sample Rate

Same as in Cubase?

Good Call. Mr. Klang!!


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