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Spider V Speakers?


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I'm about to pick up a Spider V 240HC on craigslist for cheap, and probably pair it with my spider valve cabinet (v30's).  I understand the spider cabs have brighter speakers than the v30s in general.  Some rumors are that they use G12P-80's (which seem to also be called Seventy-80s?), and there are some comparison videos on YT of the two.  They're much brighter overall. 


Does anyone know what speakers are really in the Spider V's?


Does anyone know if the spider is compensating for the speaker frequency response of their expected speakers, to try to make it "flat"?  I'm curious how full range this will really be using the head with the V30 cab vs the regular V cab.


I'm also considering picking up a Seismic Audio empty 212 cab or something, and putting in the same speakers - so I can have a smaller rig when I want.  It's too bad L6 doesn't have a 212 extension cab for this.  Maybe down the road.


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Well, I use the 240hc both with and without a cabinet,

I use a Mesa Boogie road King 2, 4x12 cabinet with half open tuned back, it sounds amazing.

I also use it as it is, and run xlr's to the board and that too sounds great at shows, the little speakers in the head are great for practicing or writing, but when you connect a cabinet to the head the speakers go from full range to high frequency and add color to your amps output, they also allow you to plug in and play an acoustic guitar, which is pretty neat.

Those little speakers are handy when dialing in tones, I took my head home and connected it to my pc and then used the remote app to set it up, which was great.

But when I got back to my studio with the head I found that I still had to tweak it a bit going from the little built in speakers to my 12" speakers that I had to dial down the treb a little and pull out some mids, otherwise it was pretty close.

I would pair the head with the best 4x12 you can afford to get your hands on.

My experience has been those line 6 cabs arent what you want, I wont bash them, but you do get what you pay for, I went with a line 6 4x12 once, then had to go to a Marshall 1960B 4x12 until I shook them to pieces, then I went with Mesa.


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