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Help With Hd500 As Audio Interface

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I hooked my HD500 up after I received it and could hear both pod and computer. I'm running windows 8. I updated to windows 8.1 and it changed, turned off, and even deleted some drivers. I use SONAR X3 Producer and was having no problems before the update.


 I can still hear the HD500 and use everything with SONAR. I do have the ASIO set to the HD500. But, now I can't hear any computer sounds at all. 


If I try to play an mp3 on windows media player, I get an error saying something eld is using that aidio device.


So given that information, I want to hear the computer sounds along with what I'm doing with the POD and SONAR.


Before the update, I was so happy that I didn't have any latency issues that I had before.


Any help would be appreciated.



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In your Win8 control panel check your audio settings. Set the HD500 to be your default audio card for your Windows - not only for SONAR..

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